Friday, October 30, 2009

Unexpected dreams of the over expected naked man of Kerala

There is a naked man in Kerala who is always waiting in front of the house to welcome me, expecting his dreams to renovate into true reality. He is seen with a smiling face, cute and funny capable to make one regain his lost spirits. I am writing all these facts about Manikandhan(Aka Akhil), the younger son of my Aunt who can be seen in the picture below.

(I love his smile)

When he hears the sound of Auto or a Bike, he runs rushing towards the gate expecting my arrival. He is not expecting me to show his love towards me, rather he is expecting ipod, laptop or the bike that I will carry home and that are part of his normal dream-planning.

Upon my arrival, the first question will be “chetta, aa chevil vekunna sutram konduvanno?”(Brother, did you bring the music machine that can be plugged to ears). If the reply is no, then his face is worth watching, dull, pale and ready to cry. He would then tell me to switch the laptop ON and enquire about the availability of games. He speaks less and expresses more, crying and complaining to his mother.

He makes his mother act as an arbitrator for certainty towards his dreams. He would tell his mother to influence me to drive him on the bike, switch on songs in the mobile, make him learn bicycle, tell stories and eternal desires. He is studying in 2nd standard and still his mother feed him with her hands. To a observer it is a bad habit a mother is teaching his child, but to a child it is the care he expects from his mother in return.

There are loads of kids, living in middle and upper class family who depend on their parents for their food and attire. They are supported by their parents from the time they wake up to the time they sleep, a complete mid-life package. These are the times when I think about the dreams, the children called as orphans may have and what they lack.

I remember the cry, the boy made when his mother went for a women led show called aiyalkootam(A business run by women in a locality). He was screaming like a boy injected with a medicine for fever. That was for the first time I saw his mouth open wide swallowing water droplets emitted by his eyes. He made even sleeping oldies to wake up from their day dreams. A loud speaker specifically useful for politicians… kidding.

I remember his dual performance that I would like to share. He involves in every mischief and let his team members confess at the end making him the saint in the story. He is a good boy for good guys and baddie for the ones who have made him suffer. In my stories featuring children, manikandhan is the one who plays an important role.

I love children a lot and love their activities that can make me spend my time without being bored. Children’s are far beyond explanation and closer to heart, making them the near and dear ones.

Their dreams and desires though unexpected are worth providing for a piece of smile they shower on our eyes.


  1. he looks so cute...and enjoyed reading it too

  2. That's a nice post you wrote. So true that children defy explanation. It is really sad that not all children can grow up in happy circumstances.

  3. LOL...the boy is smart and with techonology-minded.

  4. Re: palidor

    yes you are really true that all children cannot live in happy circumstances and it after watching them we discover we get a lot in life.

  5. He looks like a little angel but I have seem quite a few to get fooled by there mere looks :D

  6. :) smiling back, for the smiles...

  7. Hi abhi,I am late here.Makals panee annu... so korachu busyayerinnu..
    he is so cute and smart..Enjoyed ur post as always..
    So how is ur health?Take care.:)


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