Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kerala Express brought joy for Diwali celebrations

It was 12.45 Pm, 18th October 2009 and I was sweating hard, wet till my bottoms reaching the shoes. There was no sign of hope until the lady shouted in her sweat voice “Train number 2626 from New Delhi to Trivandrum, New Delhi Trivandrum Kerala express is expected to arrive on platform no.3”. I turned around and saw a train approaching Kayamkulam junction. There were, not less than 300 people at the station waiting for different trains, chatting, laughing and suffering the hot climatic impact by Surya dev (the sun god).

The driver of Kerala express pushed the breaks hard to get it stopped at the station. I could see that compartment S12 at the front and S1 at the back. This was a result of the shift in engine positions at Ernakulam. I rushed towards S1 and saw Anjali wawing hands at me. Anjali is my little sister who came to visit Kerala on her diwali holidays. She was accompanied by My aunt and Uncle. Anju was along with them until Mavelikkara station where she departed to attend a marriage ceremony. Anju is my sister elder to Anjali.

In my family the name of all the children’s start with “A” like Anjali, Anju, Abhilash, Akshay, Ajay, Akhila, etc. I hope our parents named us with the first English alphabet to see always at the first position everywhere in the life. Oh sorry! I skipped from the actual topic. I was busy with my sister on Sunday hearing all the stories she had to discuss with me. She narrated the people whom she met in the train, her college life, friends, teachers and all that she can tell me in a limited time.

She speaks a lot and her stories never have an end, she keeps on speaking and speaking until she feels she should drink some water. I remember when I was at home and we used to quarrel every time for watching TV programs, books, colors, dress, and everything and anything we could quarrel upon. My mother was always busy to solve our disputes.

My parents called yesterday and said they are feeling lonely after my sister left home. They say they do not feel like having food or enjoying TV. My sisters and mother came 1 year ago when we planned for guruvayoor tour. We covered all the temples on the route from Kayamkulam to Guruvayoor. That was a memorable trip.

Anjali brought a set of crackers with her and distributed it to all children in the family. She called me today and said there is a grand welcome from grandparents, Aunts and relatives on their arrival and they are busy eating and trying different recipes. Anju does not speak much but she has answers for all the questions pointed on her.

The happiness would last until Saturday when they will return home. I was not able to spend time with them due to busy work schedule. I hope I would be able to enjoy their presence when I am at Nagpur to attend my friend’s marriage.


  1. That was a lovely post....appealing write as always.Nice to know about ur family.
    Deepawali adichu polichu lle? Pinee sisters sundarikuttikal annu...!Ente regards parayanamitoo..:)

  2. Thats really nice to know that u were with ur sisters during diwali and am sure u enjoyed a lot with them, Next time i hope u be with ur family and enjoy a lot more during diwali...

  3. Siblings are such a blessing! So what if we fight with them while we are growing up. But what about you? Do you also speak a lot like your sister, somehow your blog gives that impression.

  4. Re: Sushma and Sangeetha

    Thank you for the comments.

    Re: Mridula:

    I am a very decent little chap, grown and big but not too talketive.I dont like keeping myself idle so will be busy with something or the other.

  5. so you had a glowing diwali time with your sisters. that is great :)

  6. thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog!

  7. So u celebrated Diwali with ur sis right?...thanx for sharing the pics Abhi,hope u had a gr8 Diwali.
    V celebrated Diwali at temple,Akku enjoyed fireworks..

  8. re: rocksea

    Not a grand one roxy.
    But still happy that she was here. I was not able to spend more time since busy with works.

    Re: Vrinda

    Superb, Diwali at temple... a new way of celebrating it.


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