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Innocent, naughty, unknown, and lovely Chronicles of Abhi’s childhood

When people hear stories about Abhi’s childhood, they will never believe it. A boy who was never serious about anything and everything, a boy who never worried what his exam results would be, what will be his future. They will ask, “Are you speaking about Abhilash? I hope you are mistaken.” This is because my neighbors and relatives saw me as a good person disciplined and well mannered.

(A photo from childhood Album with sisters)

It was history class and I was sitting in the fifth bench from front. How will I beat golu in gilli danda(A game played using a stick hitting small wooden piece and making it spin as far as possible)? When are we going to prepare the manja(thread) for flying kites? When is the next cricket match between the boys in other colony? These were my thoughts and questions that I asked me and I was damn serious about their results.

The chronicles of the Abhi start from here.

I came from school and started running, taking long and short jumps until I reached the venue; “the playground”. I could hear a sound coming from the house in the corner of the garden, the message was decoded as “Monu aaharam karichathu poda” (please play after having your food)”. The voice was from my mother who knew I would have reached the end of the field by now.

I was a very busy child, went to school 7 Am in the morning and came back home by 6 PM from playground. My mothers time was 6Pm to 9 AM where she used all my strength to make me learn English, history, maths… ha ha… I should appreciate her for the efforts, my sweet mother.

Every exam result would end with a parents teachers meet. The main objective of this meeting was to make the parents understand what your child, sorry a better usage what parents have to do. : )
My house is in the heart of city, near to school and we will go walking to the school. you know why my mother would prefer walking? She knew she would be criticized in front of the other parents when their children are seen with good marks and this walking session was none other than an interrogation for what went wrong. Her dialogue “Let your father come, I will let him teach you a lesson”.

She will say this to my Father(Anger of 50 Elephants approaching a field). Oh no!, and the final way would be to bribe her with sweet words and crying face. My mother will fall in that trap and will never let my father known actual incident. My dialogue was “Amme njyan ini nalla pol padhicholam, kalikyan poku ve illa”(Mom I will be studying too hard and even will stop playing… sorry forget to say this all is with the crying face). You people don’t know the talent of the children, they can even apply for 20 Oscars and will win them home. : D

I still remember the day when this issue finally breaked up in front of my father. I thought “Main toh gaya re bhau” (I am gone). I was astounded to see his reply. He said, “Ok study well from next time, you are pass in all subjects right?” I replied saying (now with confidence) “yes of-course”. That was the time I felt the volcanoes appear cooler than ice.

The same interrogation was repeated for all classes from fourth until 9th. Now I was a professional child who knew how to convince his mother. The story cannot end in a single article as this saga has several adventures and twists that are not possible to describe through a single post.

I know my mother and I love her a lot, deep to my heart that it fill all portions of it. I know the pains she has taken to make me a good person, teach me how to love and live. Every mother is valuable and her intention is to see her child in the top.

I have a suggestion for the people who leave their parents in rest houses after they are old. “You cannot commit a crime more dangerous than this. Even killing a person would justify but leaving parents; the heavenly father and your deeds will never let you live peacefully for centuries and re-births. They will haunt you like anything, so please do not commit it”.


  1. good to know abt ur childhood days, u look so different when u were younger,and while i was reading it, it reminded me of my school going days and how mom used to make efforts to make me study and rest of the things...really enjoyed reading it too abhi...good one...

  2. True buddy. They are part of us always. In all the pranks that we play, the real professional we become and so on... We would not exist without them. Letting them go is killing oneself.

  3. Re: Sushma

    Thank you for your valuable thoughts.
    We all love childhood and it is a memorable moment for all of us.

    Re: Nithya

    Thank you Nithya for your thoughts. I really appreciate your love for your parents.

    Keep it up.

  4. childhood days... always bring fod memories...

    i think the game you said, "golu in gilli danda" is the same as "kutteem kolum" (the kid and the stick)in malayalam.

    we need to give the same or better treatment to old parents like what we got when we were kids.

  5. Re: Rocksea

    Ayyo Roxy, Golu is my friend.
    Gilli danda is name of the game and yes it is similar to kutiyum kollum.

  6. I agree that we need to look after our parents, in our culture it feels very weird not to do so. But then there could be parents too who want to live independently and who wish their children were out once they were 16 or 18.

  7. Your writing made me nostalgic for those innocent chidhood days.

  8. Enjoyed reading abt ur childhood days Abhi..Pinne 'face cut' ippozhum athu polunde,no change at all..And reagrding ur question,now Akku started goinng kindergarten,so lots of free time for me ,so cooking became gr8 timepass for me to avoid homesickness and boring,and that butter chicken is from Mahi,all of the non veg in our blog is frm him,he he....

  9. well,was really nice to read abt ur childhood days and to know u better....reminds me of my childhood.. Great writeup....I do agree that we all should take care of our parents!!! parents epoolu kanda daivam aleee!!They sacrifice a lot for their children isn't?

    Looking fwd to more interesting articles frm u. :) :)

    Catch u later!!

  10. Some nice and sweet childhood stories here...I too remember the days when I wore a sad face with my exam papers waiting for my mom to have a look at it :) Those were the only important things during those days right? Then everything forgotten when appa and amma have a look at it :)

  11. I enjoyed reading them abhi! Looked like my story he he :-)

  12. “Let your father come, I will let him teach you a lesson”. I really have to laugh at sounds just familiar...
    Angie's Recipes

  13. Delightful post, Abhi!I thought the fact cut hasnt' changed a whole lot:P although I am not good at saying all these...He he he..Was nice reading

  14. Abhi nice post.. the last para is truely truely said...

  15. Powerful post! I love my parents, and I really don't think I'll ever be able to send them to a home...I don't think they'll want me to take care of them, though...they are really, really independent...

  16. mmmmmm memrories !!! Nice to go back down the memory lane at times ...

    Well , I share your views on the paretns. I wonder how people can abandon their parents when they need the children's love and care the most in their last leg of life. More disheartening is when they become parents themselves they should be understanding their parents better than before and take care of them much more but still some abandon their parents ....

  17. Re: Lakshmi

    I think people get busy with their life and often dont find a place for their parents. They forget what their parents have given them and what they ahve done for them.

    They act like selfish creeps who can never be forgiven. I hope the new generation should end this story and understand the precious thing they have in their life and who gave them this life.

  18. You still havent changed much and I am sure you still melt your mother's heart....

    nd Kuttiyum Kolum it was.. even me and my siblings have played this game.. but I think it is now extinct?

    as for looking after Parents.. I think it is getting worse in the present times and most parents have now adjusted to the reality of not having their children around.. Work sometimes takes you away from them and even parents know that it is not practical to hold them back... but if and when they seek help then definitely one should be at their side and not send them to places which they dislike.


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