Saturday, October 31, 2009

Comments on God’s own country from God’s own creation – Kerala differs

He was tired and that made him sleep easily. Soon the train passed Andra and Tamil nadu and stopped at a station called coimbatore in the morning with a jerking noise, “Kshirrrrr”. He opened his eyes, went outside crossing the doors and washed his face. The train soon started running and after a couple of hour he saw plenty of coconut trees and greenery around him, he recognized it was none other than God’s own country, the Kerala. This was the first time he was traveling alone to Kerala where he had permission to visit on vacation basis, once in a year. There was a gap of 6 years between his visit to Kerala.

By noon of that paralyzing day when Kerala was merely a hot burning ball and not a cold ice-cream, he stepped out of the train and started walking on the platform of Kayamkulam Junction, a part of god’s own country until he reached an end where he could rest his hands that were tired holding a heavy briefcase and a packet full of eatables. He saw a bench half filled with two people and sat on it, making him comfortable. He gripped the towel and began rubbing it over his face, sinking it around and into the sockets of his eyes and across the exposed flesh of his neck until his skin was apparent.

He took a long breath and started walking again towards the bus stand. He knew less about Kerala and its culture; he was only familiar with god’s own country through amma who used to tell him about its beauty. This was the first time he saw sun, so unpleasant and showering loads of hot wealth in the environment. He was completely wet with sweat but happy to see the land that god had created, full with his artistic creations.

He saw a bus coming towards him and made efforts to read the name plate as Adoor. He knew this bus can take him to his destination. He got in and sat besides a lady the age of his mother. Soon the bus stopped at the stop and two women got in from the front door. They started staring at him and one lady asked him to stand and let her sit. He said “why should I when I am the first to pick the seat”. This resulted in a quarrel and later he come to know that in god’s own country women and men are supposed to sit on different seats. Ha ha, this was my first chance being god’s own creation to understand his country and its customs.

I always think why women and men in Kerala cannot be seen with the same eyes. I did not get a convincing answer to my question yet but I would appreciate comments and opinions.

You all who sincerely read this post for complete will think why I am writing so long when I could have said this using short sentence. I don’t know why but my friends complain me being too descriptive.

I read a post written by Swapna raghu sanand named saree woes where she writes about the problems she faces with draping layers of saree. That is worth reading and makes me remember an incident when my friend landed in kerala to visit god’s own country. He visited padmanabha swami temple and was stopped at the doors for wearing pants. They requested him to wear a mundu(a clothing similar to lungi, white in colour weared in Kerala and nearby south Indian states) which he was hearing for the first time.

He got himself dressed in the mundu with the help of a retailer and went for praying. While he was busy praying his mundu left his waist and slipped heading towards the ground. He noticed it when people started laughing at him. She then continued the prayers round the temple holding his hands on the mundu. He said he would never return to kerala if he has to wear a mundu.

I am surprised why cant people enter a temple wearing pants? Any comments and opinions on this would be appreciated.

I mentioned prior in my Article named 100th post on My Akkidies (mistakes) in Kerala, Gods own country about the problems caused by CITU and INTUC union in Kerala where they are said to be authorized for every loading and unloading tasks, and open hand fishing. Is this the right way and are they doing the right things?

Isn’t every citizen in God’s own country authorized to decide what he need to purchase for his house/ office and who should unload it? Any comments and opinions on this topic would be appreciated as you are one of god’s own creation.

I went to a temple and they instructed me to remove my shirts, even my baniyan. It was another venue for me to showcase the 6 pack abs but irritation for the ones who were new to this culture and had big hanging tummies. My friend asked me why is this restricted to temples in Kerala and are the gods interested to see their devotees undressed? I had no answers to his question.

I asked the priest and he said that god’s statue emits positive energy that is directed towards men’s chest and woman’s forehead. He had an answer to my question but I was not convinced. The next question would be why god isn’t emitting rays on the chest of the people living in north India. Do the concept of ray’s change with locality?

I think Women are also not allowed to wear salwar suit in some temples. Now why is this?

Is the god in God’s own country watching devotees more different than other states? Any comments and opinions on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

This is no where criticizing the creation of god neither it is to showcase only the wrong sides of the things happenings here but these are the unanswered questions by me, and my comments on God’s own country being god’s own creation. This is why I say, Kerala differs.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Unexpected dreams of the over expected naked man of Kerala

There is a naked man in Kerala who is always waiting in front of the house to welcome me, expecting his dreams to renovate into true reality. He is seen with a smiling face, cute and funny capable to make one regain his lost spirits. I am writing all these facts about Manikandhan(Aka Akhil), the younger son of my Aunt who can be seen in the picture below.

(I love his smile)

When he hears the sound of Auto or a Bike, he runs rushing towards the gate expecting my arrival. He is not expecting me to show his love towards me, rather he is expecting ipod, laptop or the bike that I will carry home and that are part of his normal dream-planning.

Upon my arrival, the first question will be “chetta, aa chevil vekunna sutram konduvanno?”(Brother, did you bring the music machine that can be plugged to ears). If the reply is no, then his face is worth watching, dull, pale and ready to cry. He would then tell me to switch the laptop ON and enquire about the availability of games. He speaks less and expresses more, crying and complaining to his mother.

He makes his mother act as an arbitrator for certainty towards his dreams. He would tell his mother to influence me to drive him on the bike, switch on songs in the mobile, make him learn bicycle, tell stories and eternal desires. He is studying in 2nd standard and still his mother feed him with her hands. To a observer it is a bad habit a mother is teaching his child, but to a child it is the care he expects from his mother in return.

There are loads of kids, living in middle and upper class family who depend on their parents for their food and attire. They are supported by their parents from the time they wake up to the time they sleep, a complete mid-life package. These are the times when I think about the dreams, the children called as orphans may have and what they lack.

I remember the cry, the boy made when his mother went for a women led show called aiyalkootam(A business run by women in a locality). He was screaming like a boy injected with a medicine for fever. That was for the first time I saw his mouth open wide swallowing water droplets emitted by his eyes. He made even sleeping oldies to wake up from their day dreams. A loud speaker specifically useful for politicians… kidding.

I remember his dual performance that I would like to share. He involves in every mischief and let his team members confess at the end making him the saint in the story. He is a good boy for good guys and baddie for the ones who have made him suffer. In my stories featuring children, manikandhan is the one who plays an important role.

I love children a lot and love their activities that can make me spend my time without being bored. Children’s are far beyond explanation and closer to heart, making them the near and dear ones.

Their dreams and desires though unexpected are worth providing for a piece of smile they shower on our eyes.

Week / weak in Cochin with a irritating girlfriend, “Pain in the chest”

I have spent a week in Cochin with my girlfriend or I will call it, a weak is in Cochin with a girlfriend, irritating, painful, and troublesome. There are instance when I am seen laughing, screaming, singing, dancing and playing mischievous tricks. I hope this week is not for all these activities; rather it is for maintaining my girlfriend. I can see money running out with light-speeds when my girlfriend is with me.

I hope you are all wondering who this girlfriend is and why I did not mention about her. She is with me from early 2009 and existed for 4-5 months causing pain in my chest. I went to a consultant who, after many efforts got me rid of the lady.

The consultant, the genius, the godfather was none other than Doctor Krishnan Hari of Medical Trust. Yes, you got it right; the girlfriend is my fever. I referred fever as Girlfriend because it was close to me not even ready to leave me in my dreams. Dr. Hari Krishnan is an old man, I hope between age 50 to 60, tall and gentle in appearance. He did a two day checkup and prescribed me some drugs that made me get rid of my irritating girlfriend.

Today, 30 October 2009; facing the computer screen, fingers pointing towards keyboard, chest filled with the cough and eyes encapsulated in red shades, I am sick to extreme inner levels, irritated with the painful chest infection making me experience the sick man I never wanted to be.

This time, I have decided to get rid of the girlfriend without the help of Mr. Hari. All the treatment done by the doctor, though made me get rid from the fever but its side effects lasted for next 2-3 months including hair loss and weight loss. I had to take another set of antibiotics to get rid of those side effects.

My mother always says that Antibiotics are not good for health. She prescribes a set of homemade medicines that show effects slowly but prevents them to return again. Some of her treatments include steam treatment, medicinal water with jiggery and pepper, thulasi leaves etc. She is a big doctor with no certificate but her experience and inherited knowledge makes her do the best.

Yesterday I went to sleep at 11 Pm and was feeling relaxed. At 2.30 Am I wake up immediately with a heavy chest irritation, coughing hard making my lungs pain to their extreme heights. I discovered the cause was the high speed fan which Biga forget to switch off after watching the late night show. I was unable to sleep properly with the irritation. Finally I went to sleep at 6 Am when I strated feeling better after applying vicks vaporub.

I saw a lot of comments on my blog from my well wishers and I hope I will get well soon with all your wishes.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vicks inhaler, the hope for a irritated sick man

With a Vicks inhaler in hand, filling the right and left nostrils, trying to break the walls of irritation; yes I am sick. This weekend was too hectic and busy with meetings, traveling, celebrities and rains. When I reached Cochin I was sick, closed and jammed nose, sweating forehead, body tired to extreme level. I am not able to withstand the irritation and got up at 4 AM, now I cannot sleep and decided to be online for a while.

I am sorry that I was not able to view your posts and register my feedback. I am extremely sorry to the people who offered me awards and I was not even able to thank them. I thank Sangeetha subhash and Palidor for their awards and will discuss about them in detail in posts, when I am back healthy.

This year, second time, I am suffering with this fever. I think it started during early 2009’s and continued till mid-year. I was busy with doctors for months and at last got a remedy from Medical trust. The side effects of the Antibiotics lasted for 2-3 months and I am still suffering the dilemma.

I cannot sit on chair for long so I am ending this post with a hope to get back as more active and more energetic.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Human Crocodiles found in NM food court Ernakulam

I got an invitation from Biga for a dinner at NM food court Ernakulam. I asked him the reason but he did not tell me. After many interrogations he finally split the secret that it was for his birthday. This was like inviting the hungry human crocodiles for a feast.
I was at room watching a movie and the phone rang “tring tring” displaying the name Biga. I answered the call and he said I should be present at the hotel in 30 minutes. I took the jacket, stared at it for few seconds and finally decided to wear my red T-shirt.

Some of my friends gave parties for their birthday to make it memorable. Soon it becomes a custom that each one should celebrate his birthday, spending the grand 500 and 1000 rupee notes in their wallet. To some of us it is a get-together that we don’t have anyhow, but for others it is a chance to save the money spent on their dinner and lunch. To a waiter or a hotel owner, it is their test for tolerance and patience.

We reached the hotel and Biga called the waiter, close enough to hear him and decode his messages. Biga asked “what is the special for today”? The waiter replied to the question saying Alleppy pronze, varatharacha chicken, mutton ulathityathu, paneer sticks, chicken roast, kalumekkaya. He spoke in the same way children used to say the mug-up poems in schools, faster and sharp enough to understand. Biga said to bring 1 from each special dish.

The waiter, my friends and I were captured in the same gesture, mouth opened, astonished, like watching dreams. The waiter asked again and biga had the same request. Walking three steps and the waiter returned saying they have a new dish that they plan to launch today, “the chicken alaique” and will we prefer to try that too. Biga nodded his head and the waiter walked smoothly, with his legs stick to the ground to make him retain his balance.

We ordered and started eating, soon the waiter came with a dish with chicken and some leaves and fried potatoes surrounding it. He called it chicken alaique. It was stuffed with paneer inside chicken. We made all the empty space in the stomach fill with the maximum we could intake leaving nothing for water passage.

It was about to stop and soon Jk ordered a chicken tandoor. This was the end to my patience as I had enough and my stomach was full. I regained my complete power, folded my fingers making a perfect weapon for power punch and said “Jk, get ready for another round of competition”. Soon we broke the legs and meat from the stomach of the chicken and left noting within the plate.

It was hard to move around, even standing straight, walking a meter distance appeared like running marathon. It was a stomach filling grand party, not necessary though enjoyable.
I read an article by one of the blog writers about the life of the children living in slums and their desire for good food. It makes me realize I am part of an economy that has money to spend, eat unstopped and waste a lot. Are parties really necessary? Do you need to give parties? Everyone has different answers against and for the topic to make it a perfect debate, with some being neutral as they think; thinking is a sin.

I would go against the topic and would insist on making the celebrations and expenditure to minimum, making use of the data when needed and supporting the ones, who need the needed. I am also part of the high class society that shows gratitude, affection and charity for popularity and status increments. I can write 10, 20, 30 blog topics on charity and usage but, will I try to implement my writings, giving them the life they need beyond words and their meaning. God knows what the day after tomorrow will be.

I would suggest to spend reasonably, and help others.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kerala Express brought joy for Diwali celebrations

It was 12.45 Pm, 18th October 2009 and I was sweating hard, wet till my bottoms reaching the shoes. There was no sign of hope until the lady shouted in her sweat voice “Train number 2626 from New Delhi to Trivandrum, New Delhi Trivandrum Kerala express is expected to arrive on platform no.3”. I turned around and saw a train approaching Kayamkulam junction. There were, not less than 300 people at the station waiting for different trains, chatting, laughing and suffering the hot climatic impact by Surya dev (the sun god).

The driver of Kerala express pushed the breaks hard to get it stopped at the station. I could see that compartment S12 at the front and S1 at the back. This was a result of the shift in engine positions at Ernakulam. I rushed towards S1 and saw Anjali wawing hands at me. Anjali is my little sister who came to visit Kerala on her diwali holidays. She was accompanied by My aunt and Uncle. Anju was along with them until Mavelikkara station where she departed to attend a marriage ceremony. Anju is my sister elder to Anjali.

In my family the name of all the children’s start with “A” like Anjali, Anju, Abhilash, Akshay, Ajay, Akhila, etc. I hope our parents named us with the first English alphabet to see always at the first position everywhere in the life. Oh sorry! I skipped from the actual topic. I was busy with my sister on Sunday hearing all the stories she had to discuss with me. She narrated the people whom she met in the train, her college life, friends, teachers and all that she can tell me in a limited time.

She speaks a lot and her stories never have an end, she keeps on speaking and speaking until she feels she should drink some water. I remember when I was at home and we used to quarrel every time for watching TV programs, books, colors, dress, and everything and anything we could quarrel upon. My mother was always busy to solve our disputes.

My parents called yesterday and said they are feeling lonely after my sister left home. They say they do not feel like having food or enjoying TV. My sisters and mother came 1 year ago when we planned for guruvayoor tour. We covered all the temples on the route from Kayamkulam to Guruvayoor. That was a memorable trip.

Anjali brought a set of crackers with her and distributed it to all children in the family. She called me today and said there is a grand welcome from grandparents, Aunts and relatives on their arrival and they are busy eating and trying different recipes. Anju does not speak much but she has answers for all the questions pointed on her.

The happiness would last until Saturday when they will return home. I was not able to spend time with them due to busy work schedule. I hope I would be able to enjoy their presence when I am at Nagpur to attend my friend’s marriage.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mogambo is missing Diwali 2009

Once I watched a movie called Mr. India starring Anil kapoor and Amrish puri. Amrish Puri was called Mogambo in the movie and always used to say the dialogue “Mogambo khush huva” (Mogambo is now happy). But during this diwali the mogambo is not happy as I am going to miss my diwali 2009 celebrations. Each year I celebrate diwali with my family in Maharashtra, burning crackers and eating sweets.

Diwali 2009 will be celebrated on Saturday, the 17 of October. Diwali or deepavali means row of lights (diyas) and signifies the victory of good over evil. Deepavali is a 5 day festival which begins in the month of Kartika and ends in the month of Ashwin. It is also believed that Rama came home after defeating Ravana during this day after exile of his 14 years vanavasa.

According to wikipedia: “In India and Nepal, Deepavali is now considered to be a national festival, and the aesthetic aspect of the festival is enjoyed by most Indians and Nepalese regardless of faith. Kerala is the only state in India where Deepavali is not a big celeberation.” : )
So you see; that is the reason I miss diwali in 2009. I remember the deepavali celebrations during 2008 when I burnt some crackers and they blow in my hand. They are a part of the diwali celebrations and people never get upset with such accidents. It is always advised for the children to be with their parents while burning the fireworks.

Rangoli or designs drawn in front of the house play an important part of diwali celebrations. Children and old unite to decorate the rangoli with different colors. Houses are decorated using flowers, pine leaves and banana stem. Mango leaves are twisted, tied on a thread and decorated in front of the house. A series of Diyas(lights) are lit on the walls and terrace of houses. During diwali night, each house glitters like gold.

Fireworks come normally from Sivakasi in tamilnadu and they are sold at high rates in north India. My father brings a packet full of fireworks for our enjoyment for the 5 day diwali celebrations.

During diwali children can have maximum sweets that include tilli ke ladoo, rava ke ladoo, pakoda, chivda, karanji, sakhar para, son papdi, bundi ke ladoo, malai peda, barfi… They are countless. I miss all of them. Telivisions will be full of latest films and during diwali 2009 all the latest movies will be played.
I forget to mention anarsa which is one of my favorite sweets. It is prepared by the maharashtrians.

Each day of the 5 day diwali celebration has its significance and name.

1st Day: On the first day Gau Mata(cow) is worshiped and this day is called Vasu baras.
Cow is considered sacred in India and people treat it and call it as mother (referred as mata/ Matha). People pray before the cow and offer a part of their food. Normally, while prepration of food the first piece of annh(food) is considered and kept aside for the cow.

2nd Day: Second day is called Dhana trayodashi that is regarded as the jayanti of Lord dhanavantri. People consider this day as perfect for purchase of utencils and gold. Lord Dhanavantri was one among the others who came out during palari mathanam(churning of the great ocean where lord Vishnu resides).

3rd Day: The third day is called Naraka chaturdashi and marks the defeat of Narakasur by lord Krishna. This is an important day in South India where people apply oil and have a great bath, draw kolams(designs) in front of houses, and puja is performed for lord Krishna.

4th Day: Day 4 is Laxmi pooja and considered as the main diwali in North India where people worship goddess Lakshmi and Lord ganesha. This day is considered sacred and people lit lamps and pray for well being.

5th Day: The fifth day is called as panchami or Bhai Duj where brothers and sisters meet and express their love and affection towards each other. The customs of north India during bhaiduj are divine and respectful.

Children have 5 day holidays during diwali celebrations and for diwali 2009 I think there vacations have started. I can only imagine the pleasure; my friends will have during 2009 diwali celebrations. Virtual reality can make the things appear in my dreams but in real life they are a great loss.

However I will enjoy it online through different blogs and portals. I wish all my blog readers, friends and their families a very happy and prosperous diwali.

Happy diwali 2009…

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Start of Red alert and curfew in Cochin

Today Cochin was full with policemen on the streets, railway station, road sides and all the important spots. I got a rumor that Cochin is under attack and there is a possibility of red alert in Cochin. The rumor details that some terrorist have tried to enter Cochin and police officials are putting their full efforts to see that nothing wrong, happens.

This is 2.30 AM in the morning and I was about to sleep when I thought I should write this article to tell the citizens in Cochin to be vigilant and inform police for anything suspicious if noticed.

The rumors are always rumors but I hope the red alert or curfew situation should never happen in Cochin. Cochin is the queen of the Arabian Sea and the terrorists might have thought that they will conquer the queen. I would like to pass a message to them, “BEWARE!! You are planning to target the wrong place”.

Hope this remains rumor and there is no truth in this story. I wish you all, a good night and a very bright morning. “Vande Mataram”

I don’t know but my inner krantikari(rebel) always gets active when such incidents are reported. I watched Krantiveer by Nana patekar last week, might be the side effects of that. : )

Monday, October 12, 2009

Will I improve? The story of lost ICICI ATM CARD

I will never improve. Teacher or my parents do not say these words, they are from my heart. I am sad and at the same time feel pity on me for my carelessness. I lost my ICICI ATM CARD 5 days before and came to know about it on Friday, make out my memory and vigilance.

I have all the money in the ICICI account and I am very dependent on the ATM cards for every transaction. I have an online account password and username but I always forget it. That is because I never memorized it.

I cannot imagine my life without the ATM card provided by the ICICI bank. I use it for purchase from stores, to fill petrol for my vehicle, to buy clothes, to withdraw money everything. That was a part of my life. I never use a wallet as I feel it bulky to carry them. To a sheer spectator, I am just someone who always wishes to walk as light as possible; sure, the clothes need to be there. : )

I said Jk to activate my online account, he asked for the ATM card number, and that was when I discovered that my card is lost. I was then seen running like a freak searching for the ATM card in the pockets of my shirt, pants, bags, racks, cupboards; I searched it everywhere but was unable to trace it. Jk said me not to panic, as a real friend in need he called the customer care, and blocked the card. We then requested to release the online password and username.

I visited the ICICI bank in the morning and requested for a new one. The honorable employee of the bank agreed to call me and inform me when it arrives. I called him a honorable employee because he took the courtesy to find that my address was in Maharashtra and make sure I get the card in Ernakulam.

So my advice to the ones reading the post is never to be panic and understand what they have to do when such an incident happens. You will always find your friends and partners besides you and of course, me being your friend and well-wisher wish, you never come across this and know what you should do.

This story did not start today or the last week. I got several hits and shouts from my father for losing my water bottles, Tiffin’s, compass box in school. He beat me hard each time so I could memorize the pain and remember what I have to keep in mind after I leave school. However, since I was used to his beats and shouts I always used to forget one or the other item.

I still remember it was my Mother who used to interrupt in between and stop him from beating me. She will take my side and take care I am not scolded by him.
I love her a lot and even at this moment remember her. I can forget my ATM CARD, my Tiffin’s, my umbrella, my bikes key but I can never forget her. The brain and mind always remind me the path from where I was born.

You all might laugh when I will tell you an incident that happened in my life. It was the day I got my final year result, was very happy to be among the ones who scored the best. I jumped with joy, imagining my aim was achieved, not because I was able to score more but because I was able to beat the girl who was the topper of the university for years. Like today I never used bags or too many books. My attire and life is a topic to discuss but we will do it in another article. I rolled my result and kept it in my pocket. I jumped onto the bike and rode away.

After reaching a certain distance, I met my friend and he asked for my marks in Software engineering. I tried to pull the mark sheet out of the pockets but found it was lost.

Like today, it were my friends who alerted all the college, juniors, watchmen, passengers on the road and all started searching for my result. Soon the news spread across the campus that my mark sheet is lost. Finally they recovered it from a nice person who found it lying on the road and kept it to return when someone comes searching it.

Now you people say, WILL I IMPROVE ?

: )

Sunday, October 11, 2009

An unreflective visit at chottanikkara temple in Kerala

Yesterday we unintentionally planned to visit Chottanikkara temple. The plan was to leave Tripunithura at 5 AM so we can visit the temple and return without waiting long queues. I was busy with some works, slept at 2 AM and it took me 10 minutes to find the lady who know the way to my dreams and I followed her. Now I was in another world and I can see my past.

Time: 7.30 AM Place: Nagpur, Maharashtra

Radha Krishna mandir is crowded with different types of people, beautiful women, small kids, old bald headed grandpa’s, shrouded dwarfs, deaf and dumb, poor labors and rich bureaucrats.

I think this is the diwali season and people are rushing like anything and everything. Lord Krishna can see the purohit’s( the priests) calculating and dreaming the money they are going to make this day. Soon Krishna heard a priest saying “intha diwali nammuka romba collection ma!”(This deepavali is going to be a superb collection for us).

He often finds himself a statue that is made a showpiece to collect money and gather assets. In spite of this he keeps smiling and maintains the pace and positive energy to support the real worshipers.

Lord Krishna can see a figure, full of questions and prayers coming towards him. Most of the crowd has left the temple and some ready to leave it soon, so he feels a bit relaxed. He thought it is 9 AM and time for my breakfast, why should I wait for the people to come, go, and then start my daily activities and who is this and why is he coming at this time. He raised his eyes on the person and said “appa! This is Abhilash and he came late even today. It is for sure his mother insisted him to meet me. Why can’t she understand he has a lot to ask than to offer me”.

I was part of a culture who visits the temples daily to pray for multiple reasons in exchange of their devotion. My mother made me go to temples and meet the goddess and the god everyday. I like her so never refused her request. I always thought, why to visit temple to pray If god is everywhere and why can’t I do it at my home. As usual I was planning to open my question paper in front of Lord Krishna and someone called my name. I found myself pulled in the skies and closed my eyes.

When I opened the eyes I can see Biga in front of me telling me to get ready for Temple. Chottanikkara temple is situated in a place called Chottanikkara, 5 km from Tripunithura in Cochin, Kerala. I understood that Biga was the first to open eyes, and made me remember the plan to visit chottanikkara temple. I rushed towards the bathroom, shuffled all the daily activities, and got ready for the journey. I was sad that I lost the question paper in front of Lord Krishna. : (

We reached chottanikkara temple and saw many people there. Being a Sunday people are rushing to see Devi chottanikkara amma and offer their prayers. We soon understood the situation and opted for 10 base 3 temple rule. 10 base 3 temple rule says that you should never leave your chappals or shoes in a single place rather keep them too far from each other. This rule helps avoiding people who steal footwears.

We entered the main doors and saw a long queue. We joined the queue and we were the last. Within 15 minutes, we could see another 100 people following us. The line was moving in a curved manner at the edge. People often have the tendency to follow the ones in front of them and do what others are seen doing. We thought to break this belief and broke the line making it run straight. Such creative ideas are often invented in the minds of Biga and me.

We waited for 1 hour and then it was possible to get the darshan of goddess. I was not able to plan questions as the time given to see her face was 10 seconds. I can experience a positive energy around me and I think this is the reason people visit temples.

We prayed in our heart and rushed towards the nearest hotel for breakfast. Biga had puri masala and I preffered idli. I think idli is the best breakfast item and avoids oil and fat.

I was feeling refreshed and energetic. This time it was not the insistence of my mother but a desire in my mind to visit temple. I think I am never a good boy visiting temples but I can see my thoughts changing to good ones when I am close to a positive energy band.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Innocent, naughty, unknown, and lovely Chronicles of Abhi’s childhood

When people hear stories about Abhi’s childhood, they will never believe it. A boy who was never serious about anything and everything, a boy who never worried what his exam results would be, what will be his future. They will ask, “Are you speaking about Abhilash? I hope you are mistaken.” This is because my neighbors and relatives saw me as a good person disciplined and well mannered.

(A photo from childhood Album with sisters)

It was history class and I was sitting in the fifth bench from front. How will I beat golu in gilli danda(A game played using a stick hitting small wooden piece and making it spin as far as possible)? When are we going to prepare the manja(thread) for flying kites? When is the next cricket match between the boys in other colony? These were my thoughts and questions that I asked me and I was damn serious about their results.

The chronicles of the Abhi start from here.

I came from school and started running, taking long and short jumps until I reached the venue; “the playground”. I could hear a sound coming from the house in the corner of the garden, the message was decoded as “Monu aaharam karichathu poda” (please play after having your food)”. The voice was from my mother who knew I would have reached the end of the field by now.

I was a very busy child, went to school 7 Am in the morning and came back home by 6 PM from playground. My mothers time was 6Pm to 9 AM where she used all my strength to make me learn English, history, maths… ha ha… I should appreciate her for the efforts, my sweet mother.

Every exam result would end with a parents teachers meet. The main objective of this meeting was to make the parents understand what your child, sorry a better usage what parents have to do. : )
My house is in the heart of city, near to school and we will go walking to the school. you know why my mother would prefer walking? She knew she would be criticized in front of the other parents when their children are seen with good marks and this walking session was none other than an interrogation for what went wrong. Her dialogue “Let your father come, I will let him teach you a lesson”.

She will say this to my Father(Anger of 50 Elephants approaching a field). Oh no!, and the final way would be to bribe her with sweet words and crying face. My mother will fall in that trap and will never let my father known actual incident. My dialogue was “Amme njyan ini nalla pol padhicholam, kalikyan poku ve illa”(Mom I will be studying too hard and even will stop playing… sorry forget to say this all is with the crying face). You people don’t know the talent of the children, they can even apply for 20 Oscars and will win them home. : D

I still remember the day when this issue finally breaked up in front of my father. I thought “Main toh gaya re bhau” (I am gone). I was astounded to see his reply. He said, “Ok study well from next time, you are pass in all subjects right?” I replied saying (now with confidence) “yes of-course”. That was the time I felt the volcanoes appear cooler than ice.

The same interrogation was repeated for all classes from fourth until 9th. Now I was a professional child who knew how to convince his mother. The story cannot end in a single article as this saga has several adventures and twists that are not possible to describe through a single post.

I know my mother and I love her a lot, deep to my heart that it fill all portions of it. I know the pains she has taken to make me a good person, teach me how to love and live. Every mother is valuable and her intention is to see her child in the top.

I have a suggestion for the people who leave their parents in rest houses after they are old. “You cannot commit a crime more dangerous than this. Even killing a person would justify but leaving parents; the heavenly father and your deeds will never let you live peacefully for centuries and re-births. They will haunt you like anything, so please do not commit it”.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And the awards for 2009 goes to... Abhi

He was back in the crowded room at Tripunithura in Ernakulam, and Biga was leaning on his bed quiet and astonished at the serial that popped out changing the channel with the TV remote. He took the guitar and started playing the old melody “maine kisi se dil deke kar li, rate … om shanty om…” he was busy in his melodious voice and the rhythm of the guitar. Soon a voice reached his ears that were a bit hard though crisp that were decoded as “ onnu poyi tharamo” (please could you go out from here). That voice was from Biga, it continued… “if you don’t shut your mouth you will see your mouth filed with Acid kept on the shade”. I understood, it is not the place for singers like me.

I saw the comments on my article and was astounded to see it. Soon I read it and what this is! The award for 2009 goes to Abhi… for his outstanding performance in “Life at Abhi”. Oh! Ok not outstanding but a bit better. My Blogging awards for 2009 were given by Mythreyi of Specialty recipes from my(e) kitchen, Babli from Khana Masala, Sangeetha Subhash from and Swapna Raghu Sanand of Petals!.

On this auspicious occasion of Award ceremony, I would like to say some words of gratitude. “Mike please”. Ok, my dear Ladies and gentlemen; I am extremely thankful to all my above-mentioned Friends and blog readers who have considered me for an award. I would like to mention separate thanks to the jury members and sponsor for their effort and support in running the blogs. In addition, I would like to thank all my friends and the cartoons in the society, including me who have inspired me to write and express my feelings.

I know you will ask me the question like how I am feeling today. “Oh yes! I am feeling extremely happy and delicious. Why delicious?, Because I had moong dal sabzi that came to be extremely delicious.

I think who so ever has invented the concepts of awards for the bloggers had a good intention of creating friends and share appreciation.

I was not able to write the complete article as we went for a movie on Biga’s insistence. The movie is named “Kana kanmani”. The theme of the movie is good. It expresses the crime committed by married couples through abortion.

The main feature of the movie was that we were 10 people in the whole theatre to watch the movie. Seems interesting, isn’t it; a movie that is played in the theatre just for 10 people. Awesome! So theatre owners also gave me an award.

I am only sad at the fact that Kerala lack good music lovers. Never mind I will someday place that video so you can enjoy my melodious voice and guitar music. When I think about your friendliness and the way you like my blog, I don’t think I should let you hear my song. : )

Sunday, October 4, 2009

An endeavor to unearth Kerala's religious inception

It has taken three years for me to write a post like this, a post on Kerala’s religious inception or better be called an endeavor by writer to unearth hidden treasures in Kerala. Why are we after money? Why are we working? Why should I earn? Why I am wasting 24x7 working for pieces of paper? I have an answer to all these questions. I have to live my life this way, to let the next generation see the world more peacefully.

Have I missed something my ancestors have met with? Am I able to enjoy and see the things they did? I had no answer to these questions, until I have seen the festivals and celebrations in Kerala; the land of my ancestors, my fore fathers. To a mere reader or a forlorn traveler it may appear wastage of time he had done in the past.

I am certain you will wonder, why the cheerful Abhi has written something in a puzzled and not a properly understanding language. This post is not intended to make myself and the ones who read it sleep but to have a pause before sharing happiness so people can take it the way the post is proposed to.

I am now in Cochin and get time to travel across kerala and view its celebrations and culture. However, being a child of the deep-rooted busy city culture, I have to return some day or the other back to my domain so I have to explore the maximum I could. I have shared a couple of my experiences in Kerala through my blog. This article is on the ulsavams we have in Kerala and to understand what I have missed and my future generations will.

Ulsavams are different across kerala featuring different dance forms, music, and celebrations. I have captured images of several ulsavams held across kerala. The ones that are shown in this post are from the ulsavams held in Thamarakulam, Bharanikavu in Alleppy District and Ulsavam in Tripunithura in Ernakulam District.

Also some videos have been provided so you could visualize the moments. This is something I missed in my city culture. In Thamarakulam huge man made bullocks having the height equal to 100 men standing one above the other accompany the ulsavams. The KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board) creates a blackout to avoid unnecessary short circuits and chances of accidents during ulsavams. People pull these bullocks through ropes and small bullocks are carried on shoulders where men dance to devote their worship before the god. Each ulsavam is a part of a temple and the people surrounding it.

Ulsvams in Bhranikavu have people riding huge elephants, the difference being they are not man made. A series of dance forms and tableaus accompany these elephants. Goddess is brought on one of the elephants that move ahead of the others. Each elephant represent different directions and places around alleppy. Childrens are busy buying balloons and eatables.

Ulsavam at Poornathrayeesa temple in Ernakulam, cochin starts before onam and is worth watching. Series of large elephants stand still with people beating drums along the corridors of the temple. People are seen handling fire on long sticks. Ulsavam has pancharimelam, karnatic kacheris, kathakali and different dance forms as a side dish to the actual recipe. These take place during day and even night until it is again morning.

Aaana ootu(Feeding elephants) is worth watching in Tripunithura where large elephants are brought one after the other and they are fed with rice.

Today morning Atul gave me a call to ensure I am present on his marriage. He started in a way to make me feel that it has been too long since I gave him a call. We started chatting and soon he placed the old sentence, “Why don’t you come to puna? We all are here. We will enjoy, what’s kept in the land too far from north?” Then he continues with his normal dialogues, “Are you planning to settle there?” It is quiet hard to make him understand what I will miss if I leave here.

Ulsavams are worth watching and every citizen of kerala resident or NRI might miss it if he is away for his hometown, far in the west or ones who have never seen their native land before.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Does sleeping in train develop brain? – Description by a traveler

I was thinking whether sleeping in the trains develop ones brain. Do you wonder why I think so? I do not know if you have seen people sleeping in the train, if yes then you can see the way they sleep; forgetting all the tensions, work, family, and people around them. Brain can only develop if you are free to think and apply. The train sleepers sleep 1-2 hours in the train. These are the government employees, ones working in private companies, executives who travel daily through train.

If you notice closely, you can see many funny aspects. People normally sleep in train sometimes unknowingly where majority have their mouth opened during this process. It may appear as if there is a grand gala invitation to the neighboring flies and mosquitoes.

Some of them even sleep on the shoulders of their fellow passengers. When I refer about all and miss myself then it is not fair. This video was taken by sreekuamar when we were traveling in Venad express train. I always keep my ipod with me to hear the songs and always fall asleep. I never knew what I did unless Sreekumar show me this video.

Venad express runs from Shornur to Trivandrum every day and reaches tripunithura by 5.30 PM. It arraives at Kayamkulam by 8 PM. This is the only train available to officers working the shifts of 9 to 5.30 Pm. There is a crowd to welcome you on the weekends and then do not expect anything other than a safe place at the side of the door. If you are a experienced traveler then you can adjust yourselves at the balconies of the wooden boggies.

We went a couple of months before to attend Sreekumar’s wedding and there was not even a place to stand in the train. The dreams to attend the morning marriage appeared to be in vein until Sunil discovered the goods boggie. This was the first time I was traveling in this boggie. We found a lot of space there. People soon filled there space on the balconies, lower corners and even on the floor. Traveling by train is fun and hectic depending on the situation.

We attended sreekuamars marriage happily and decided to travel Ernakulam. We reached the station by 3.30 Pm and the next train was said to arrive on 4 PM. The train arrived in 4- 5 minutes after a voice from a woman announced its arrival. The train moved around the station and I could see people filled in like stuffed tomatoes in a small basket.

We managed to get into the train and soon adjusted the rush and the hot temperature created by the crowded people. It appeared as if we were kept for cooking in the cooker. We all were waiting for some people to get down and some fresh air to enter the doors, touching our face to create a cool sensation. I searched for Prashant and laughed the moment I noticed him sleeping on the back of a passenger.

If you are best at sleeping in the trains then you will never experience the hectic traveling and crowded people. It shows sleep is good for health and your brains. So keep sleeping in trains.
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