Wednesday, September 16, 2009

World of magnetic music, Influencing hearts and brain

I hear songs whenever I am idle, traveling, walking, doing exercises, eating and even before sleeping. I feel relaxed when I hear songs and I hope all like music and songs. Each living thing produce music; from birds to bees and even the nature that appears pleasing to ears.

haan… ok… except me, I accept it. : )

I have experienced, songs that appear pleasing once are not the same when heard in a different situation. Songs have a magnetic effect that attracts the brains and heart towards it. I like hearing carnatic kacheris. Melodious songs and fast tracks differ depending upon my mood and time.

As said “songs never need interpretations”, they explain themselves to their audience.
Jim Gimzewski, a 52 year old US based scientist believes that body cells produce sounds. He says, someday doctors will be able to understand the patient’s disease by hearing the sound produced by their cells.
The study of cell sounds is call sonocytology.

You can notice your hairs become stiff on hearing some patriotic songs or music when played during entry of your favorite actor. This shows that body responds to sounds and music.

Songs have the power to influence your depression levels and are believed to cure diseases. A test was conducted on two groups suffering from mental depression, one was given normal therapy while the other was subjected to music therapy. The ones to whom music therapy was applied are said to be cured faster than the later. Doctors believe that music will be able to cure cancer in future.

If you think from a different angle, you will find that most of the diseases occur due to mental depression or lack of resistance against diseases. So if music could influence the cause, they can help avoiding diseases.

I normally buy music CD’s… mm… naa… I get songs from my friends or I download them. I regularly use Cooltoad, 123 musiq, new tamil hits, irazoo where I get all the songs I am interested in.

I recently found a good collection of yesudas kacheris from this link.

Please see whether it is useful to you. So, Enjoy music and avoid diseases and depression.


  1. Well said,songs do hav some magical power..thanx for the link..

  2. Great one!Cooltoad is the one I use too:P LOL

  3. I have to say, I'm not a big music fan...but when I listen to gospel music...I do experience that hair-chilling, goosebumps moments when I feel SO much better...

  4. Music expresses feeling and thought, without language....thanks for the links..

  5. Nice post the soft melody as soon as I open this post :)

  6. Nice post Abhi... I switch on the music so I don't feel lonely at home. It definitely relaxes and cools your mood.

  7. Nice and lovely post. I love to listen to various types of music and I feel relaxed.

  8. Wow.. a lovely post on music with such nice facts. I am such a music freak too. I just cant live without music. I keep singing something or the other. Hey thanks for the link and this is one of your best pics. :)

  9. i love listening to songs too. but i dont know about indian music, is it good ?

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