Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why I can’t forget Onam 2009?

Why can't I forget Onam? I cannot forget it because Onam 2009 is the most memorable moment in my life. All the family members and my parents were present in a single place to celebrate it. This had happened after 23 years when all gathered to laugh and enjoy.

I feel boring if I do not have anyone to speak. I cannot sit even 15 minutes idle or without speaking to anyone. I take the initiative and always approach my fellow passengers in the train to get a company. Once the person responds, “then… it is life at Abhi”. I do not know whether you have noticed that your time is spent easily if you have children accompanying you. You can watch these cartoons and your time will run… “Fast like a horse”.

There were a lot of children during the Onam celebrations, Aunts children, uncles children, sisters children, neighbors children, relatives children… except my children : )

I was astonished to see that I was not feeling bored without my laptop and internet. The children really amused me with their debating, questioning, and laughing skills. I took several snapshots until my mobile drained the last piece of charge remaining.

All had their pockets filled with banana chips, sharkaravarutti, tapioca chips, chocolates, and sweets. I could see them working as the intel processors exhibiting multitasking, where one hand was busy playing and other taking the eatables from their pockets to their mouth.

Girls and women demonstrated thiruvathira dance and sang songs. This was the day when I had the luck to have the konju theeyal prepared my mother after a long period. My mother really prepares delicious, mouth watery theeyal. I like everything she prepares. We used to have payasam eaery 4 days in a week. My mother and I liked sweets whereas my father and sister were fond of namkeen and spicy foods. My sister and I always used to exchange sweet and namkeens among us expressing a mutual treaty.

My onam started with a kinnathappam in the morning prepared by my mother. Later the queue was filled with onam sadya and my favorite, “THE PAYASAM”. We had 5 types of Payasam during my elder sisters marriage, kadachakya payasam, chena payasam, choru payasam, semiya payasam and pradhaman. I had prathaman a day before thiruonnam and semiya payasam on Onam.

I went first to my Aunts home to pick her children and had Ari payasam, which they got from the temple as a part of the archana. They always keep payasam for me whether it is a celebration, received from a temple or prepared homely.

This onam we bought a chocolate called “pradhaman”. It tasted the same as the pradhaman (porridge) and the flavors were like real.

I told my grandmother that two of my north Indian friends would accompany me home to celebrate onam. She knew they will not like South Indian dishes and bought many bakery items. She was shocked to see my parents arrive in front of the home. I forgot to take a snap of her “chammiya montha”(astonished face).

My father’s younger brother has two sons and I was able to see them after a long period. If I remember, I saw them when they were 1 years old. He is living in Maabar, too far from our home and visits the home rarely.

I also took snaps with children, and have provided the photo of the pookalam after request from “Vrinda of sankeerthanam”. This was not actually a pookalam but rather a kalam made of salt. This was the creative work of a boy living nearby.

I enjoyed a lot and miss my parents. The memories of onam 2009 will live forever in my heart and mind. I will never forget the enjoyment I had during these 3-4 days.

May maveli(mahabli the king, Onam is celebrated on his memory) eat a lot and come the next year with a even fat stomach and people be ready to welcome him.

Dear all, Take care until we meet in he next post. With love, Abhi…


  1. Looks like Onam is the biggest festival in India...and a family get-together doesn't happen every day, esp. in modern days.

    Angie's Recipes

  2. What a wonderful Onam celebration you had. You are indeed blessed. Thank you for sharing your good fortune with us.

    Lovely song you have chosen as a background theme. Have not heard it in a long time.

  3. Re: Jeniffer

    I am really happy to see you back ...

    I think your blog alaivani does not have a comment option and to comment I should have a facebook id... so sad :(

  4. Was thinking that you will post this immediately after onam... I know how it is after a family get together that too after so many years... don't worry ....wish you to have a joyful get together again soon... never have seen a kolam with colorful salt... looks superb...

  5. Hi,

    This is one of the best posts on Onam I have read. You write so well. Its something you should constantly practice so that you get better at it.

    I am recommending this post to all my friends and readers on

    All the best, keep writing.

  6. WOnderful post...wat a wonderful onam festival na!

  7. Abhi really wonderful post and write up..enjoyed reading it.. I know how you will miss the place .. food looks so delicious. Hey nice backround song.. I love it so much.

  8. oh you had a wonderful onam abhi!! happy for you :) nice to see the photographs.

  9. The food descriptions are delicious! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. By reading this can know how much u must have enjoyed during this festival....i too enjoyed reading this and seeing the pictures..

  11. Your Onam celebrations look like fun...its fun playing the kids wonder you cant seem to forget it :)

  12. You had a wonderful Onam celebration and also memorable one. Festival is the only time we can meet with all our family members, relatives and friends and for you it happened after a long long time so this Onam was extra special for you. Very beautifully described with lovely pictures.

  13. cool pictures!!

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