Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tiffany chocolates on birthday of Durga, Jk’s daughter – An end to the endless journey

I was not able to touch Blog for a week as my parents were in Kerala to celebrate their Onam. They do not want me to be in front of the Laptop when they expect me to spend time with them. They went yesterday back to Maharashtra; I started again with the blogging after I discovered they reached there safely, today. This marked the end to my endless journey.

I had to go for House pooja of Sreekumar (my colleague) day before yesterday and Sajith’s marriage yesterday. My parents were to leave Kerala at 1 Pm, so I was not able to go for the marriage and neither share Sreekumar’s happiness.

After waving hands to my parents, I joined the team from Ernakulam for Sajiths reception in Quilon. We reached back at 11 PM. I lie down on the bed and felt asleep within no time.

Today I was too tired, came early from office, and slept by 5 Pm. I woke by 7.30 Pm had a bath, ate food and watched movie underworld.

Oh! I forgot our actual topic. Today was the birthday of Jk’s daughter Durga. She is a cute little girl. About Jk; he married the girl he was in love since his college days. He can be seen always on the phone chatting with his wife.

He was happy yesterday and took a leave for the birthday of his daughter. He passed Tiffany chocolates to distribute among the friends. I will not stay long today, I am feeling dozy, and think should go to bed.

Sorry if I was not able to reply your comments and I missed your articles. “Sab milakar kal hisaab chupta kar doonga”


  1. Good that ur parents reached safetly and you had wonderful time with your parents. So abhi going to blog with a bang from now. Hey nithya and me are sister-in-law so we are not born in same family. But we are in same family now.

  2. Hope u had a wonderful time with with family and might be missing them as well now...keep blogging....take care abhilash

  3. yes you really sound dozing off writing this... :)

  4. Nice to know you spent good time with your parents.that baby looks very sweet :)

  5. Hope u had an adipoli onam Abhi...cute baby..Hey post ur Pokkalam pic...

  6. Awww, she's really cute! I hope you had a good night's sleep.


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