Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thangu, the first don of Kerala

If there was a Don in kerala, then it will of-course be Thangu. The boy appears to be calm, quiet like a sweet little teddy bear kept in the shopping malls but in real he is the real hero of the Don series, and yes today’s post. Thangu is the younger child of My Aunt who is more mischievous and naughty than he appears. If you want to compare your child or nephew with him then please think twice before you do so.

I reached home early from office due to weekends and was surprised to see some blogger friends online. I had a chat with Nithya from 4th sense samayal and Sangi from simply delicious, they are really honest and good people. They have a lot to discuss about their life and blogs. I understand they love their friends around their blog a lot. I prepared puttu for dinner, as I was feeling lazy due to the busy schedule at office.

I checked my mails and saw Thangu’s photo in my pictures folder. They were taken during the time we went for Tirupati Balaji’s darshan. Tirupathy Balaji’s darshan was a funny story, which can be read from this link . I thought I should introduce him to my blog readers. I compared Thangu with Don since he is also similar to a Don in his activities. If I plan to write about Thangu then I will have to write a book that can be sold more than Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather”.

Thangu kathakal or Thangu’s story is like the tenali raman the difference being tenali raman was popular for his wisdom and Thangu for his mischief.

- I still remember the day when he burnt the garden; all the plants were in flames and people running here and there. I saw Thangu standing there cool and watching the people run. He lit a matchstick in the garden where the cleaner deposited dried leaves. Fire was waiting for a person to do it and Thangu took the job. Like the real Don he went there and lit the matchstick, burnt them one by one until the leaves catch fire and it spreads across the garden burning each plant.

My Aunt was angry and beat him a lot. He agreed he would not burn anything in the garden in future. After two weeks, I saw Aunt running behind him with a stick. This time he had burnt neighbors place. On interrogation, he replied that he had promised not to burn his garden. : )

- The stories are endless. One day his mother beat him for some mischief he caused in the house. He was angry with his mother and announced he will not return home. He went away from his house, from the reach of his mothers view and started crying sitting on the roadside. A fellow passenger, a old man saw him crying and thought to support and said “son, please don’t cry. Can I know, why you are crying?”.

He said a single word and the man was seen running with his life. Wondering!, what he did? He took a stone in his hand pointing the old man and said in feeble but hard voice, “Poda patti”. (No translations or subtitles for Malayalam available : ) --- )

- Since his stories will not end here, I have to restrict them to few incidents. He created a same mess in the train from Tirupathy to Kerala. This time people were not angry on him but pleased and busy laughing with all his naughty creations.

I cannot scold him because when I look back into my past I was also a same creature more civilized but naughty. Children have a lot to enjoy and we can pass time watching them doing mischief’s.

I wish my childhood is back and I could play the same games and live my life freely without worries. Though I feel I am old and away from my childhood, my friends have a opposite opinion. They say I am grown old but my habits are still like children, never keep mouth shut and doing some mischief the difference being earlier on family members and now on friends. : )


  1. Hey really as u say he is looking like sweet teddy bear.. but after reading the story oh my god came to know how shrewd and mischevious he is. MMmmmmmm but really laughed reading the story. Really ur aunt has to have extra eye on him.

    Coming back to ur comment in my blog regd Medit cuisine..dont worry if u see the ingredients in the mediter cuisine it suits our taste buds too.. the falafel tastes almost like the masala vade.. so go ahead and try it. Seriously u love it... All the best.

  2. OMG I remember my brother He is just like Thangu. Every evening when he come back home from school there should be big list of complaints. But now he is a scientist in Australia.Thangu looks so cute.

  3. I want to clear a doubt reg. your comment in my blog in the first line 'the reason i visit your blogs is not the quality" what do you mean by quality if it is my blog quality then i want to improve that can you please clear my doubt.

  4. Thank you so much Abhilash for your friendly siggestion I will change that from next time Thank you so much once again.

  5. He looks so cute and kids should be naughty only then only its fun...even i have a 4 yr old kid at home,who is so much fun to be with, to watch him grow with his naughtiness...i just love to be with him....

  6. Are these stories for real? Burning the garden? He can give a run for money to Calvin of the Calvin and Hobbes fame!

  7. He looks so cute and cant believe that he was such a naughty boy..Poor aunt..anyhow kids are like this. Thanks for ur sweet words regarding that am a star, very excited..:)

  8. Re: Priya and Mridula

    Thanks for the comments. Yes he really burnt the leaves and the stories are true. I know children are naughty and they often do mischevious things... only the way of doing and results differ

  9. Re: Sushma

    I could see the cute boy in your profile picture...
    Thanks for the comments... and views.

  10. He does look naughty... kids r naughty by nature and sometimes it is only their curiosity that makes them do it.. but as adults we do squash it..

  11. Kollam,ithavan vayichal adutha attack Abhiyodarikkum,sookshichoo...Boys should be naughty,allenkil enthu rasam...reminds me of Appose in papapyude swantham appoose..he he..

  12. Hi Abhi, hope ur doing great. My short break extended to 2 weeks, now i am back. My Mom came last week from India, we were in Washington for 2 weeks. Missed few of ur posts, will catch u regularly. Guess what? going to prepare Undon Pori, will let u know how it came:)

  13. He does look naughty...still its hard to believe that he burnt a garden :)

  14. Re: Vrinda

    Seri aanu keto, ithu vayichal avan enne sapiddum... and you are right boys look nice when they are naughty... :)

  15. re: happy kitten and Gita

    Yes you are right. Children are always naughty and you must beleive it , he did this.

    Tru story written by a true man... yes thats me... :)

  16. thangu stories are wonderful! we all miss those thangu lives which we have left in the past... wish i could do all the naughty things once again :P

  17. Hey Abhi..
    Thanks for visiting Vazhayila...
    Oh man...the boy looks so sweet..couldnt make out from the picture he is too naughty... u r put up in cochin???
    i simply LOve that place...My 2 years of college life at rajagiri was more in cochin than in kakkanad :)
    Miss all the fun we had there..

  18. Re: rocksea

    yes I also think the same.
    Childhood is unforgatable for all...

    Re: Sarah

    Nice to know you have been in Cochin.
    It is a nice place with nice people ... like me :)

  19. I am open to both rants and raves Abhi...
    Perceptions are always different rit,and so do what people make :)
    I m real proud to say that my version looks like this and to be frank i have never had a pulissery that looks orangeish..., but yellowish!!!
    I appreciate you for telling wat u feel like :)
    I dont think my NIkon will ditch me ..heheheh

  20. Wow this is a cute post again. the kutty kid looks cho cute. And his mischief reminds me of myself who is still the same naughty brat at home and out too. :) Same pinch Abhi :)


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