Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sabro ki Zindagi jo Khatham nahi ho jati hain

Aaran thamburan is one of the best movies by Mohan lal. All the dialogues in that film are popular, “Sangeetham padikyanam padikyanam ennu karuthi chenethiyathu simhathinte madayil, ustad badushah khan” ( I was always interested in studying music and it lead me in front of a Lion, Ustad badushah khan). Wondering! Why I am interested in movies and music today?

That is because we bought a new harmonium to play music. Biga is a fan of music, songs and always eager at studying new things… Eager! Yes just a start, he never completes it. He started studying guitar at Kalamandalam in Cochin and stopped it after 1 month. Later his desire was to learn cyber law, which started and dropped few weeks later.
RLV Music College is near our palace and Biga has now decided to study some musical instruments there, he says tabla. : )

I like listening to music and decided playing the harmonium. Hit two and fro, and discovered it is not my job. I understand this is not an easy task and music is an art that has to be learnt and practiced.

I got a call in the morning from home that my grandfather is admitted in Pushpagiri medical college hospital, Tiruvalla. My mother told me to visit him and help them for needed. I am new to all the places in kerala and find it difficult to travel. I know to speak Malayalam and read it but the routes and the connecting path need to be known for traveling.

Finally, I made my mind and planned to go. I saw myself in the mirror and found the hairs grown. I rushed to the nearby barbershop and had the hairs cut to provide me the as always “cool look”.

I came back, had breakfast, and rushed to the nearby bus stop. I got a Kottayam bus at 10 AM and it took 1.5 hours for me to reach Kottayam private bus stand. There I was told about the unavailability of private buses to tiruvalla. I asked the route to Transport bus stand and got into the first transport bus that crossed the way opposite to private bus stand. I reached Kottayam transport bus stand and took another bus to tiruvalla. I reached Tiruvalla by 1.30 PM, hired an auto rickshaw and reached hospital.

I met the doctor and came to know that his right kidney was damaged. Doctor says that he needs to conduct another test to verify whether my grandfather’s kidney is blocked, and kidney stone is the cause for it.

I deposited the amount for the tests and returned at 3 PM to attend a meeting in Ernakulam. I booked tickets for the first train to Ernakulam that was Kanyakumari Banglore express. The train came at 3.50 PM it took 2.5 hours for me to reach Ernakulam town. I took a bus from there and the bus was blocked in traffic jam. I was at Tripunithura by 7.30 PM and rushed for the meeting on my bike that was parked in Tripunithura.

I am feeling sleepy and tired after the traveling. I need to go to bed early. Good night to all friends.


  1. Dear abhilash,

    Good one. Best wishes,

    Sooraj, Abu Dhabi

  2. Dont worry Abhi, your grandfather will get better soon, take care.

  3. Re: Sooraj

    Appa! From where did you get my blog...

    Happy to see you here...

  4. Re: Gita

    Thank you Gita. I also wish that he gets well soon... may all your wishes turn true...

  5. I wish your grandfather gets well soon...dont worry..take care....

  6. Re: Sushma

    Thank you Sushma. I am sure god will luisten to our prayers and wishes from well wishers.

  7. Hey it nice to see you trying new things always. All the best with harmonium! :)

    Will surely pray for your grandpa.. he should be fine soon.

    Buddy you have to do me a favor now.

    just visit this link and on the right hand side you will find a poll. "carrot soup by Nithya" is my entry. If you think I deserve it kindly vote for me and do pass on to friends if they can vote too. :)

    Sorry to write all this here. I really could not figure out your mail id or orkut profile. I visited you once but dunno how I lost the link. Do ping me if you can find me on orkut.

  8. Re: Nithya

    Sure anything for friends.
    I use orkut rarely, but for sure let me find if I could reach you and will add you.

  9. Praying for your grandpa...meanwhile, rest up!

  10. Re: burpandslurp

    Thanks for your prayers.
    Will keep you guys updated.

  11. Tnx for the visitAbhi.U have a cute&simple space. To maintain the 'aparam' visitors is very difficult he he!edakk alpam personal pbs.1month ayi posting illa.Now everything is ok...thalparyam poyi.
    I will be praying for ur grandpa.

  12. Re: Sangi

    Thanks for your prayers..and comments.

  13. Tnx for the encouragement Abhi.u r really a nice person.i lost my interest due to some ,no i can't write it here.
    mail me wen u r free at simplydelicious.ris@gmail

  14. Abhi ur grandpa will get well soon dear.. dont worry. Good to see u with harmonium even I learnt when i was young.. but I have more interested in classical dance..

  15. Re: Pavithra

    Nice to know you are interested in classical dance. It is a real gift.

  16. i hope your grandfather gets well soon. harmonium is the first (and last?) instrument to lay my hands on :D i know how to play sa-ri-ga-ma-


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