Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rapchik Sharkarai Godambu Dosai – JK special

Yesterday we prepared Sharkarai godambu dosai in the kitchen. This is a special recipe from Jk. Gita from Gita's kitchen has suggested me to place the recipe for this dish. Upon request, Jk gave the recipe to his favorite and special Sharkara godambu dosa or Jaggery wheat dosha.

I have also placed a video so you all can view how we prepared it. I hope it is not that professional but, I consider the experienced readers and cooks would forgive me for the mistakes.

"Recipe By Jk the Jayakrishnan"

5 steps to prepare Sarkarai Godambu dosai


- Aata (wheat flour)
- Water(1 cup)
- Salt to taste
- Coconut grate
- Jaggery
- Ghee


1. Add water in wheat flour until it is thick and wet.
2. Grate the coconut and Jaggery and mix well.
3. Heat pan and using a spoon spread the batter of wet flour making small circles.
4. When one side is hot, turn to the next and heat it till a bit brown(I usually like it before that and don’t burn much).
5. After both the sides are cooked and hot, place the mixture of coconut and jaggery into it.
6. Close the dosa making a cemicircle and stitch at the edges.

5 steps by Abhi to have sharkarai godambu dosai

1. Wash your plate. Cleanliness is the first thing you should learn before eating; remember what your mother said…
2. Place the Sharkarai godambu Dosai into the plate. Make sure you do not leave any mixture on the floor… why to waste a sweet item.
3. Using your hands tear the dosai into small piece and let you brain send signals to your hand and take it to your mouth.
4. Eat well, digest well.
5. Everything is over, there is never a 5th step of having anything, the eager you are the faster you have… that’s the funda.


  1. Video recipe is so cool Abhi, very nice try. Use flash light to improve lighting kitchen is dark. Cool Idea, very good, expecting more from you:)

  2. Nice dosa and was very good to watch the video of making them... nice try

  3. Nice dosa and was nice to c the video of it as well...thanks for sharing the recipe

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  5. Wow, its good to discover your blog. Wonderful creation...Great nd delicious sharakara godumbu dosa!!Love ur IT KITCHEN...asssalayitundutooo...Following you!Keeeeeeeeep Rocking!!

  6. Thanks for posting the delicious recipe Abhi :)

  7. Thank u very much...appreciation from people like really makes me happy :-) keep visting n ur comments & advices r very valuable for me..

    Payasam is my all time favorite 2!!!Do try and let me sure u like it..:)

    Thante blogilu...nammude naadinte oru manam onduu :)
    Have a great day!!

  8. Video looks cool abhi and I really liked the dosa pic with a kid eating it :-)

  9. Do check out my version of this sweet dosa

  10. Enjoyed ur video Abhi..Chakkara dosa superrrrrr...

  11. Hey... thats a nice video of making the dosa. :) Your running commentary was funny too :)

    I liked the comments that were popping up in the video and your Malayalam slang English is really nice :)

  12. Video recipe is so good Abhi,Thanks for delicious dosa recipe:)

  13. Re: All of you

    Thank you all for the valuable comments.

    I understand that I am not that experienced cook... sorry we at the room are not too experienced...

    This was just to share my joy with you all...

  14. You make it sound easy but I am not falling in that trap!

  15. What wonderful dosa! Looks very delicious.

  16. Yummmm love the Sharkarai dosa recipe Abhi. Especially I like your Five stepa they are most Important ha ha haaaa and the song in the video is just perfect ajse pehale ajse jayada kushi ajj thak nahi milii...... I am imageneing while abhi eating this dosa. Seems like JK is a great cook,the way he is making the dosa is just perfect.

  17. oh i like anything with sharkara!


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