Saturday, September 19, 2009

Magnitude of sleep for Engineers, IT-guys and tech bhujji’s

Today there is a holiday and I left for home in the morning. I slept at 11 Pm and woke at 5 Am. I left Cochin by bike at 6.30 Am and reached Kayamkulam at 8 Am.

For two-three months, I am awake for 19 hours working 9 hours in office and 10 hours busy with food, friends, internet, and client chats. I can cover an improper sleep of 5 hours that has started showing symptoms akin to stomach problems, constant fever,pale skin, hair fall, problems in vision and weight loss.

It is not only the issue with me but with every IT enthusiast who works for the MNC compromising his health and future for few paper cutouts called currency. Each human being should sleep for at least 8 hours to have a better health and long life. The problems seen among late night workers and sleep-o-phobiacks are early blood pressure, diabetics, migraine.

I think if this continues I will be converted to a home-of-diseases. Doctors consulted me to practice art of living, breating exercises, proper diet, sleep, and fat-reduction-workouts. I left Gymnasium two months ago and feel the difference. I should join it ASAP and follow the instructions from doctor.

I would like to advise the starters to consider this as an important advice and plan their life accordingly. Work well, sleep well, and live long, everything in the appropriate ratio.

Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, I only remember them in the fifth class science subject. I never considered them important in my life and never take care about their use in the life. Now I understand their importance : (

My grandmother is shouting, I need to go for dinner. I will go through all the posts and blogs on Monday. Happy weekend to all.


  1. Hmm.. I have observed that whenever I sleep for 8 hours (without any breaks in between) I wake up fresh. But when the figure comes to 6 and even below, things have been different.

  2. I totally agree with Sreejith....Enjoy ur weekend with streefree nights..

  3. Lovely post. Weekend is the time to have long sleep and relaxation after a hectic week. Its good to sleep for 8 hours then we can feel fresh and can be energetic to work with full enthusiasm. I usually sleep for 6-7 hours.

  4. sure. have experienced both, the less-sleep timetable and proper-sleep timetable. i guess it is part of life when you are young and want to do a lot of things - or even when you have nothing to do but bored or sitting before the pc. soon you will graduate, like me :)

  5. Good post. :) I used to take short naps now and then and as and when I feel like. Someone told me this habit will make me look young always. ;) ha ha.. It looks like I am fishing for reasons to be lazy na.. :) But actually it does work out. So try to take naps when you really can. :) Take care.


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