Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Lord of the starters IT Kitchen - Return of the king

First of all wishing all the blog readers a happy dussehra and thanks for the wishes...
Let us burn all our jealousy, bad thoughts, discriminations in the fire of dusshera. Let the raavan in your minds burn this day. Hey! forgot to tell you he will come back with Abhishek bacchhan in the new Ram gopal verma flick raavan :)

I have been cooking alone in the kitchen for months… say 1-2 months. It is almost boring if you do not have anyone to taste your recipe, no special choice, and no appreciation. Today was an active day as I slept yesterday, too early at 9 PM but it is not the case tomorrow since it is already 1.31 AM. I came early with Jk and we bought jaggery from the shop nearby.

I asked Jk to prepare his speciality “the wheat dosa” (godambu dosa) and he agreed for it. So yes, again the King of IT kitchen has arrived to make his favorite recipe.

I hope you all…mm… ok some of you know about Jk through my blog. Jk is a very good person (shh… he also reads my blog so I need to praise him… ithu ningal vayikenda) who is famous for his dosas made from wheat. When I say his specialty is Godambu Dosa, then what are his other specials? Kya specials! He only knows to prepare this.
Jk had a love marriage and his wife does prepare food so he is lucky. To convince his wife he would sometimes try his specialty.

Jk went outside and said he will return in 15 minutes, and I thought that I should make the other items ready that are required for preparing Jaggery godambu dosa. We normally get coconut from the coconut tree that drops coconuts twice in a week. These coconuts have dried outer covering but fresh water. As I had already decided, I went with the knife and the coconut and tried to break the covering to get the coconut.

Amme! You will not believe that it took me 20 minutes to have the task completed.
I think I should join Tushions to learn how to do this. : )

You know why this happened. This is because the new generation never know from where they get the peeled off coconuts and never are ready to learn how people do it. Our need for readymade items has made us forget the efforts people took to get them. We are ready to pay one rupee extra but will never be ready to do it on our own.

Jk finally placed the batter in the pan, roasted both the sides, and made the dosa ready. The final stage arrived by stuffing the jaggery and the coconut mixture into dosa.

I was planning to write more and if possible add some important and interesting things that happened in between but I feel sleeping and cannot withstand the sleep.
I will try to edit it later. Good night to all of you.


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm great atlast succeeded !!!!!!

  2. I think you should share some of your recipes with me as you are cooking for past few months. Wish you a Happy Dussehra.

  3. Happy dusshera to you and ur family abhilash...

  4. I had forgotten this item from my life. .thanks for reminding me :) I do make Godambu Dosai but to have it with either Sambar or Chutney.. but I should try and make my family try this item...

    recently I revived yet another item that I had forgotten.. maybe u bachelors can have a try since it is very easy and tasty too (if u hvnt done it already). it is a hit in my abode..

    you should steam ripe plantain (ethakka) …… cut / slice it in the middle while it is still hot.. put some butter (if it is Amul it would taste heavenly) a little sugar and as much freshly scraped coconut…

  5. my wife's mom's family had a dog which could peel off the husk of the coconut :)

  6. Happy Dasara...its always nice to have friends around to cook :) post the recipe for the dosa pls, looks delcious, filling sounds tasty also.

  7. Don't blame JK..i still dont know how to peel the outer hard part..he he..Gothambu dosa with stuffed coconuts r my fav and a healthy breakfast..
    Pinne Abhi, abt writing in vanitha,veruthe Vanitha cheethayaakano,athrakkonnum aayilladeyyy...Thalkalam Beena Mathew undallo...

  8. Happy Dusshera to you and your family Abhilash. Wheat dosa's are my hubby s fav.such a nice friend you have, he made dosa's for you lucky u r.

  9. Wow thats a lovely dosa. :) looks yumm.. and buddy is that you in as ravana.. wow that looks simply superb :) Thats a great task of removing the fibre from coconut. :) good job. pat your backs guys.

  10. The dosa looks mouth watering!


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