Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kutti, Krishna janmashtami at Poornathrayeesha temple Tripunithura

As I said before, Tripunithura is a land of celebrations and temples. Here people are too serious about the celebrations and festivals and they enjoy them with full satisfaction. Yesterday was Krishna janmastami and Tripunithura had celebrations to offer its viewers. I once wrote an article on the girls in Thripunithura/ the way people live here. I love this calm and interesting place provided it has to be active the same way as it is during the celebrations.

Krishna Janmashtami celebrations at Tripunithura had childrens dressed as Radha and Krishna. Kavitha’s daughter was also dressed as Radha and was accompanying the crowd leading the road to Sree Poornathrayeesa temple. The Krishna and Radha were small children, not even the age to understand the importance of the roles they were dressed.

I moved towards the tabloid where some elders were accompanying a small Krishna and a group of Radha’s was walking in front of him. When I took my camera out of the pocket, the tabloid stopped as if they thought I was a reporter of the Indian express, hindu or manorama newspapers. I took some shots, which were not that clear due to the lack of daylight. I stayed there until I was sure I had sufficient picks.

I could see the small Krishna crying for his mother, not Yasodha of course. His mother was complaining him and complained, her son was not able to have a proper sleep the same day. There were questions coming from people whether the Krishna was a boy or a girl. The mother replied to each question that her son was a boy dressed as Krishna.

Later I moved towards a Pancharimelam( a band playing dholaks) who stopped in the middle of the road to demonstrate their skills and bring a new energetic life to the crowd.

I understand that people at Tripunithura keep mum and preserve energy to be devoted to such celebrations. The only exception is… mm… me yaar, who is always active. Anyway, I am happy that I was able to show you the pictures of the celebration.


  1. Haha, I can imagine you talking in a REALLY loud voice among all the other quiet people. Thanks for the detailed glimpse into another culture!

  2. nice account and photos abhi. these children usually get dressed up much early and wait for long for their late elders :) but ya for good memories later.

    usually krishna jayanti is celebrated on roughly the same day all over india. but this year north india celebrated it on aug 13/14 and kerala on sep 11 due to some technical differences in the calendars.

  3. The kids in the photos are adorable...nice clicks :)

  4. Very interesting and great photos!

  5. Kutti Krishna's really look cute..


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