Thursday, September 10, 2009

Garma garam roti with Tamatar roast, a delicious combo

I prepare all the chapattis and then start eating. This makes the food to cool and would never get the taste and the feel I get when my mother prepares food. My mother prepares chapatti and serves it hot; this helps to enjoy the food. I thought why not to have a hot chapatti from now onwards.

I was searching for a good combination for roti(we call chapatti as roti in Maharashtra) and finally decided to prepare tamatar ki sabji ( tomato roast ). My recipe for the tamatar roast is very simple and can be better called as IT recipe for tomato roast.

I came home from Ernakulam, prepared the sabji and after it was cooked, started making chapattis in the chapatti maker. I did not wait for the others to be ready and started eating them hot. I am not able to express the taste, it was awesome. I decided to have the chapattis hot from now-onwards.

Recipe for 15 minutes-Tamatar roast (Tomato ki sabji)

1. Take some onion and cut them into small. Fry them in a pan.
2. After they are light brown, add red chilly powder, coriander powder, pepper, ginger powder, jeera powder and mix well.
3. Add some water and then cut the tomatoes into small pieces.
4. Put the tomato pieces in the pan, close the lid, and let it cook for 15-20 minutes.
5. Remove the lid, add salt and let the water evaporate leaving thick gravey.

See, it is that simple. I have decided to avoid potatoes from my recipe, as they are a source for gas problems in the stomach.

I will suggest all IT people to start preparing food in their kitchen to help their stomach live long. The food prepared in hotels is neither clean nor nutritive.


  1. Hi Abhi, so u had a great and memorable Onam, happy to hear that.

    I always have tomato roast with Idly and dosa, after seeing yours let me try it with roti:)

  2. Tomato roast is a wise choice :-) I would love to spread some of the yummy roti on my sourdough bread.

    Angie's Recipes

  3. happy eating! looks delicious :)

  4. looks yumm!!Delectable combo of roti and Tamatar roast

  5. The curry is pretty good!The chapathi si even wonderful!Yes, I did see online abt the falls that you mentioned and it looks fantastic!It almost is twice the size of Bushkill, I believe.Buskill essentially is more of a trek!When I come to Kerala, I can visit this place!

  6. Rotis look nicely puffed up... definitely hot roti's taste better...and your subzi too looks yumm perfect with idli/dosa/roti's....

  7. Wow Abhi...the sabji looks great...good choice to eat the rotis while they are hot :)

  8. I liked your blog very much. I appreciate for your beautiful presentation and mouth watering picture of roti and tomato roast. It looks yummy and delicious and I shall try out your lovely recipe.
    You are welcome in my blogs.

  9. Ah! They look awesome! I actually made something like this the other day, but I added hot dogs, too. I know, random...I ate this with pita!

  10. Nice to see you back after a break. :) Nice roti and tomato roast :)

    Hey nice song too :)

  11. Your roast seems lacking presenatation ad garnishing, green chillies are missing, mustard seeds not seen, you should have taken a photo of dish served neatly, now its somewhat 'alipili' looking, I think u are only a starter. Wish to improve next time.

  12. Hey abilash, u r rocking yaa..delectable comb...

  13. re: Arushi

    Thank you for the honest comments.
    I prepared this in 15 minutes time and at the same time had to eat chappattis and go to sleep...

    The photos were just taken in middle and dont expect a photographic professionalism from me... :)

    Just sharing joy man... These recipes are been told by a lot of experienced persons who can be seen commenting on this post... So no stress on the recipe rather on the way of eating, sharing with you all and enjoying it.

  14. Pefect bachelor recipe Abhi...liked ur chappathy

  15. This is a delicious combination of ingredients and flavors, fabulous dish!

  16. Cant blv u made that roti in a chapathi maker.. I threw away mine since it never came out right.. care to share the secret?


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