Friday, September 11, 2009

Atul sadhu’s love story to conclude in marriage, an unexpected love phobia

Today Atul called me and remind me to book tickets for his marriage. His marriage is in Nagpur on 28 November 2009. I need to book my tickets at least 2 months in advance to travel in reservation quota. It takes two days to travel from Cochin to Nagpur.

Atul Sadhu become my friend from fifth class and was with me until engineering. He is my close and loving friend. He has a small thin body and a big fat heart. He was known in college as love guru, as he was always eager to solve issues of the students in problem with love. Atul used to ride a luna and managed to come and meet me in my home surpassing the great adventures, his vehicle gave him.

Aditi Andhare was a studious and topper lady during engineering. Atul was her close friend and used to call her, share problems, books etc. Boys were not able to mingle with her the way Atul did and used to tease Atul by her name.

Atul never appeared serious with her. However, he liked people teasing him by her name but he never committed his love for her. Atul would always show shades of pink color on his cheeks when the name Aditi was pronounced by someone. He has thousand tongues to speak about his friends but never about Aditi andhare.

We completed engineering and it all finished and vanished from all our minds like the engineering fantasy and mischief.

Before 5 months, I got a call from Atul saying his marriage is fixed and Aditi Andhare is the bride. I was shocked at once and did not say anything for 2-3 minutes. I said loudly “Baapre Atul”, when I got my senses back. He had done something that none of us expected. This was a shock and at the same time, I was too happy to see my friend marry the woman we believed he was in love with.

I will have to forward a leave application to attend Atul’s marriage. His engagement was 4 months before which I was not able to attend. I promised him that I will be attending his marriage and I have to keep my word.

Atul, if you read this post anytime in your life… mm… may be the time you have sons and daughters. Do let them go through this post to know the love story of their father.

The unexpected HERO, “hero heera-lal”


  1. that is great :) wishes for your friend, and hope to see similar stories on you sometime soon ;)

  2. That sounds very interesting...Wedding Wishes for your friend :)

  3. Wonderful post. Convey my wedding wishes to your friend. You must be very excited to attend your friend's marriage. Have a great time and have lots of fun.

  4. That was really good to read abhi...convey my wishes to ur friend....and enjoy in his wedding...take care

  5. Are sahi hai bossss!!!!!!!

    Ekdum jhakass love story hai….

    Bhai apan toh pakka aa rahe hai atul ki shadi mein….. hope to see u all there.. so that “hum atul ki acche se game le sake”

  6. He he.........
    Sahi Likha hain dost....... mazha aa gaya.... :) :)

    Ab main teri shadi ki rah dekh ra hu.............

    Gullu please forward this to Patel. Uske mere koi mails nai milte. :)

  7. This is how men are made, my hubby never leaked about me to his friends. When our marriage was fixed they were shocked. And me please don't ask, from my friends to my housemaid everyone knew about him. Convey my wishes to your friend. As rocksea said post your story soon:)

  8. Wow! that must have been a real surprise. My eyes really popped out when I heard on of my school mate P married our classmate M. I was totally stunned! I ustand ur reactions. lolz!


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