Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are twitter and its tweets good for anything? Are you wasting time…

I read in a magazine recently about Twitter, with picture of a bird that resembles to the cartoon character. I read many reviews about how to better use twitter, 10 steps to successful tweets, twitter everyone, twitter event management… and a lot of bla bla… I first saw this twitter on Ria’a blog (Ria’s collections) and was wondering what this stuff is all about.


I tried searching and created an account in it. All I could see was messages from different people that I can follow by clicking the follow tab not even good as the sms messages. It appeared to me as the open forum or a crowded valley where you can say anything and expect others to reply but a one to one message like a walkie-talkie.

I tried wasting my time and found a person who replied me asking my name and the place where I was located and whether I was employed. He sent messages for few minutes and disappeared in the night sleep.

I remember I found a solution where I could get Orkut, twitter, facebook, all in a single place; the Orkutter photograph. You can read and watch it from this article.

I tried modifying the appearance in Twitter and was successful adding my photos that could be seen large on a 17-inch monitor. I tried adding Mythreyi and Vrinda because they were the only ones I knew and I could find there, rest Sashi taroor, Prianka chopra… and many celebrities… It was not far for me to understand that it as none other than a high-class time waster. I do not know whether I am right but I felt so.

If anyone has any other opinion about its use then I would rather appreciate a feedback.


  1. I too feel its a waste of time Abhi....anyway I think everybody I know has an orkut or facebook profile...then twitting about what you keep doing every minute or hour! Where do people find time for all these. Love the melodies when I come to your blog...good job :)

  2. I just created it once, but never went back to check it. My social life started with orkut and till date it stays wit that. I don't like face book and twitter too. Too many accounts, too many people to answer and too many passwords to remember is becoming an allergy lately.

  3. I have never heard of this twitter,doesnt sound interesting also from ur write up...Your right its def waste of time....Instead having one account on orkut only is much better option...

  4. It is even a waste of time talking about it :)

  5. Thank you all, for your feedback.
    I understand that none is using it to generate friends. I also understand from your feedback that it is a waste of time.

    If someone has a reverse opinion please let me know...

  6. Ok, I won't lie. Sometimes Twitter can be a HUGE distraction. But if you've got the right connections, it's AMAZING access to tons of information. When you're a journalist, you can find networks anywhere instantly, and also some people share really interesting sites they come upon. And sometimes, when I'm searching for recipes, I just tweet out a question like "What to do with apples?" and I get immediate answers.

    Also, food trucks! Did you know the tweet now? They use twitter to tell people the exact location they are parked at so I can rush over to get my lunch! :D

  7. Re: Burp&Slurp

    Thats really interesting... So you know how to use it.

    Thanks for sharing the information.

  8. Hey,
    Evide nokkiyalum 'Abhi' ne kanam!Aranithe ennunokkan veendi vannathatto!

  9. Twittering.. not sure if it is good or bad... I have an Orkut and a Facebook account and I always forget to log into them.. guess one cannot keep track of too many things in life....

  10. I rushed onto twitter in a bid for a job where tweets were part of the deal. After what must amount to over 50hrs intiially and being on for 1.5 yrears I have found no shred of value. It turns out that when I signed up for twitter I signed up to receive nothing but junk mail, oh yeah, and the non-stop Oscar Wilde quotes, I don't even find him very profound.


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