Tuesday, September 15, 2009

100th post on My Akkidies (mistakes) in Kerala, Gods own country

This is the 100th post of my blog that means it has completed a century. I have uploaded my favorite song as background music of the blog. I am happy today and would like to share the favorite topic that most of my friends know. I love Kerala, not because it is the place where my parents are born but due to its greenery, lakes, scenery, places and loving people. When I mention Kerala I should mention about my mistakes than my enjoyment. Let me devote my 100th post for my akkidikal (mistakes) in Kerala.

Let us start with the story "An encounter with cochin police"

It was during the period I came in Cochin and helmets were made compulsory. I had no bike at that time and used Ananthan’s pulsar for traveling.

We were 25 people living in a big palace in Tripunithura. We planned to use our time creatively, playing some indoor games. The decision was made by Don and Bishar to purchase a carom board. One of my friends said that carom boards are available in a sports store near kirrake kotta.

I took Ananthan’s bike with Don on the back seat and drove to East Fort (Kirrake kotta in Malayalam) tripunithura. While we were crossing the traffic, an inspector caught us not for wearing the helmets. The inspector told me to produce my license and Vehicles papers. I did not have a license… mm… or in better way, I did not have a license at all.

I was mum and Don started answering to each question the inspector asked me. The police man asked "is this boy deaf or dumb, why are you answering my questions?".
Don replied saying that I was from Mumbai and was unable to speak Malayalam.

The policeman agreed and gave a challan(pety) for 100 rupees. Then he went at the other end. I saw he did not accept the money and was leaving the place. I called him back saying "saare… paisa vende"(sir, don’t you need the money). UDIMBAA… then what, all words by Don about me being a Mumbaian and not knowledgable in malayalam become false. Ha ha… that was the first akkidi in Kerala.

(A photo taken when I had the OTB looks)

I thought the story would end here; I will not make any mistakes. But evade (where), I made an another mistake. Let me tell you the story of "Open hand fishing in Kerala"

A new generator was bought in our old office that was planned to be placed on the third floor. We heard rumor that the generator was in the truck waiting to be shifted above by some strong men. We thought why to wait for strong men when several shaktimaan’s are here. We rushed down and started helping take the generator out of the truck. Using the engineering knowledge of control valves and inclined planes, we laid two wooden rods borrowed from a nearby store and started pulling it down.

All were in a funny mood. While I was helping, get the generator down a person came dressed in Blue and asked why I was pulling it down. I thought it was the truck driver who asked it to make me fear. I replied in a cool manner that it is an asset of my firm and I will get it at the third floor. The man asked back "will you pull or lift anything and everything". As I was very good in debates and group discussions, I replied saying, "yes if it is related to me I will surely do it".

The man become angry and asked whether I have heard about "CITU union". This was the word I was hearing for the first time, so replied, "No I have heard about mithu union" (the fans club of Mithun chakraborthy). Soon I was able to see people dressed in same union gathering making a big mob as if it was a mafia gang.

I was told to leave the place by one of my colleagues. I later understood that it was a union in Kerala, named CITU and, here unions HAVE TO BE used to lift and shift goods.

They created a mess and took 3000 rupees to leave the place. Later, security guard and his colleagues shifted above the generator. I was told not to mess with any Unions and it is Keralas problem that has to be accepted. The person from CITU who was angry on me gives me a smile whenever I meet him on the road.

A lot more but post is restricted as my time. Sorry guys, more for the future posts. Its 12.30 AM, and time to sleep.


  1. Hey congrats on ur 100th post Abhi! Ur blunders were really funny:)

  2. Congrats on ur century...Wish many more centuries..Looking forward to see more interesting posts from u...

  3. Congrats on your 100th post ....and it was nice to read your akkidikal esp the citu union :)

  4. Hey century!!! super.. Nice comical post and I love the background song too.. Its one of the best songs of ARR.

  5. Heartiest congratulations to you for your 100th post. Wish you all the best and keep writing.

  6. Congrats Abilash..u are really superb!

  7. wish you a lot more akkidis and a lot more blog posts :)

  8. CONGRATS !!!!!! Nice to read about u r comical errors...:)

  9. It was nice reading this post with the good song in the background...thats my favorite too...congrats on your 100th post Abhi :)

  10. Congrats on ur 100th post,keep rocking and keep doing more akkidies...

  11. Congratulations! hope to read many more..

    BTW.. is Kirrake kotta . Kizhakke Kotta :).. nd only Malayalam has to be so confusing...

  12. Congrats on your 100th post!

  13. It was nice reading this post. Hope you write many more. A surprise award for you on my Blog so please visit right away.


  14. First time here and I liked what i read :-)

  15. Got here from Indiblogger. Interesting blog! Hope you're enjoyin Cochin ;)

  16. congratz for the century :) good work

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