Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rapchik Sharkarai Godambu Dosai – JK special

Yesterday we prepared Sharkarai godambu dosai in the kitchen. This is a special recipe from Jk. Gita from Gita's kitchen has suggested me to place the recipe for this dish. Upon request, Jk gave the recipe to his favorite and special Sharkara godambu dosa or Jaggery wheat dosha.

I have also placed a video so you all can view how we prepared it. I hope it is not that professional but, I consider the experienced readers and cooks would forgive me for the mistakes.

"Recipe By Jk the Jayakrishnan"

5 steps to prepare Sarkarai Godambu dosai


- Aata (wheat flour)
- Water(1 cup)
- Salt to taste
- Coconut grate
- Jaggery
- Ghee


1. Add water in wheat flour until it is thick and wet.
2. Grate the coconut and Jaggery and mix well.
3. Heat pan and using a spoon spread the batter of wet flour making small circles.
4. When one side is hot, turn to the next and heat it till a bit brown(I usually like it before that and don’t burn much).
5. After both the sides are cooked and hot, place the mixture of coconut and jaggery into it.
6. Close the dosa making a cemicircle and stitch at the edges.

5 steps by Abhi to have sharkarai godambu dosai

1. Wash your plate. Cleanliness is the first thing you should learn before eating; remember what your mother said…
2. Place the Sharkarai godambu Dosai into the plate. Make sure you do not leave any mixture on the floor… why to waste a sweet item.
3. Using your hands tear the dosai into small piece and let you brain send signals to your hand and take it to your mouth.
4. Eat well, digest well.
5. Everything is over, there is never a 5th step of having anything, the eager you are the faster you have… that’s the funda.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Lord of the starters IT Kitchen - Return of the king

First of all wishing all the blog readers a happy dussehra and thanks for the wishes...
Let us burn all our jealousy, bad thoughts, discriminations in the fire of dusshera. Let the raavan in your minds burn this day. Hey! forgot to tell you he will come back with Abhishek bacchhan in the new Ram gopal verma flick raavan :)

I have been cooking alone in the kitchen for months… say 1-2 months. It is almost boring if you do not have anyone to taste your recipe, no special choice, and no appreciation. Today was an active day as I slept yesterday, too early at 9 PM but it is not the case tomorrow since it is already 1.31 AM. I came early with Jk and we bought jaggery from the shop nearby.

I asked Jk to prepare his speciality “the wheat dosa” (godambu dosa) and he agreed for it. So yes, again the King of IT kitchen has arrived to make his favorite recipe.

I hope you all…mm… ok some of you know about Jk through my blog. Jk is a very good person (shh… he also reads my blog so I need to praise him… ithu ningal vayikenda) who is famous for his dosas made from wheat. When I say his specialty is Godambu Dosa, then what are his other specials? Kya specials! He only knows to prepare this.
Jk had a love marriage and his wife does prepare food so he is lucky. To convince his wife he would sometimes try his specialty.

Jk went outside and said he will return in 15 minutes, and I thought that I should make the other items ready that are required for preparing Jaggery godambu dosa. We normally get coconut from the coconut tree that drops coconuts twice in a week. These coconuts have dried outer covering but fresh water. As I had already decided, I went with the knife and the coconut and tried to break the covering to get the coconut.

Amme! You will not believe that it took me 20 minutes to have the task completed.
I think I should join Tushions to learn how to do this. : )

You know why this happened. This is because the new generation never know from where they get the peeled off coconuts and never are ready to learn how people do it. Our need for readymade items has made us forget the efforts people took to get them. We are ready to pay one rupee extra but will never be ready to do it on our own.

Jk finally placed the batter in the pan, roasted both the sides, and made the dosa ready. The final stage arrived by stuffing the jaggery and the coconut mixture into dosa.

I was planning to write more and if possible add some important and interesting things that happened in between but I feel sleeping and cannot withstand the sleep.
I will try to edit it later. Good night to all of you.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thangu, the first don of Kerala

If there was a Don in kerala, then it will of-course be Thangu. The boy appears to be calm, quiet like a sweet little teddy bear kept in the shopping malls but in real he is the real hero of the Don series, and yes today’s post. Thangu is the younger child of My Aunt who is more mischievous and naughty than he appears. If you want to compare your child or nephew with him then please think twice before you do so.

I reached home early from office due to weekends and was surprised to see some blogger friends online. I had a chat with Nithya from 4th sense samayal and Sangi from simply delicious, they are really honest and good people. They have a lot to discuss about their life and blogs. I understand they love their friends around their blog a lot. I prepared puttu for dinner, as I was feeling lazy due to the busy schedule at office.

I checked my mails and saw Thangu’s photo in my pictures folder. They were taken during the time we went for Tirupati Balaji’s darshan. Tirupathy Balaji’s darshan was a funny story, which can be read from this link . I thought I should introduce him to my blog readers. I compared Thangu with Don since he is also similar to a Don in his activities. If I plan to write about Thangu then I will have to write a book that can be sold more than Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather”.

Thangu kathakal or Thangu’s story is like the tenali raman the difference being tenali raman was popular for his wisdom and Thangu for his mischief.

- I still remember the day when he burnt the garden; all the plants were in flames and people running here and there. I saw Thangu standing there cool and watching the people run. He lit a matchstick in the garden where the cleaner deposited dried leaves. Fire was waiting for a person to do it and Thangu took the job. Like the real Don he went there and lit the matchstick, burnt them one by one until the leaves catch fire and it spreads across the garden burning each plant.

My Aunt was angry and beat him a lot. He agreed he would not burn anything in the garden in future. After two weeks, I saw Aunt running behind him with a stick. This time he had burnt neighbors place. On interrogation, he replied that he had promised not to burn his garden. : )

- The stories are endless. One day his mother beat him for some mischief he caused in the house. He was angry with his mother and announced he will not return home. He went away from his house, from the reach of his mothers view and started crying sitting on the roadside. A fellow passenger, a old man saw him crying and thought to support and said “son, please don’t cry. Can I know, why you are crying?”.

He said a single word and the man was seen running with his life. Wondering!, what he did? He took a stone in his hand pointing the old man and said in feeble but hard voice, “Poda patti”. (No translations or subtitles for Malayalam available : ) --- )

- Since his stories will not end here, I have to restrict them to few incidents. He created a same mess in the train from Tirupathy to Kerala. This time people were not angry on him but pleased and busy laughing with all his naughty creations.

I cannot scold him because when I look back into my past I was also a same creature more civilized but naughty. Children have a lot to enjoy and we can pass time watching them doing mischief’s.

I wish my childhood is back and I could play the same games and live my life freely without worries. Though I feel I am old and away from my childhood, my friends have a opposite opinion. They say I am grown old but my habits are still like children, never keep mouth shut and doing some mischief the difference being earlier on family members and now on friends. : )

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sabro ki Zindagi jo Khatham nahi ho jati hain

Aaran thamburan is one of the best movies by Mohan lal. All the dialogues in that film are popular, “Sangeetham padikyanam padikyanam ennu karuthi chenethiyathu simhathinte madayil, ustad badushah khan” ( I was always interested in studying music and it lead me in front of a Lion, Ustad badushah khan). Wondering! Why I am interested in movies and music today?

That is because we bought a new harmonium to play music. Biga is a fan of music, songs and always eager at studying new things… Eager! Yes just a start, he never completes it. He started studying guitar at Kalamandalam in Cochin and stopped it after 1 month. Later his desire was to learn cyber law, which started and dropped few weeks later.
RLV Music College is near our palace and Biga has now decided to study some musical instruments there, he says tabla. : )

I like listening to music and decided playing the harmonium. Hit two and fro, and discovered it is not my job. I understand this is not an easy task and music is an art that has to be learnt and practiced.

I got a call in the morning from home that my grandfather is admitted in Pushpagiri medical college hospital, Tiruvalla. My mother told me to visit him and help them for needed. I am new to all the places in kerala and find it difficult to travel. I know to speak Malayalam and read it but the routes and the connecting path need to be known for traveling.

Finally, I made my mind and planned to go. I saw myself in the mirror and found the hairs grown. I rushed to the nearby barbershop and had the hairs cut to provide me the as always “cool look”.

I came back, had breakfast, and rushed to the nearby bus stop. I got a Kottayam bus at 10 AM and it took 1.5 hours for me to reach Kottayam private bus stand. There I was told about the unavailability of private buses to tiruvalla. I asked the route to Transport bus stand and got into the first transport bus that crossed the way opposite to private bus stand. I reached Kottayam transport bus stand and took another bus to tiruvalla. I reached Tiruvalla by 1.30 PM, hired an auto rickshaw and reached hospital.

I met the doctor and came to know that his right kidney was damaged. Doctor says that he needs to conduct another test to verify whether my grandfather’s kidney is blocked, and kidney stone is the cause for it.

I deposited the amount for the tests and returned at 3 PM to attend a meeting in Ernakulam. I booked tickets for the first train to Ernakulam that was Kanyakumari Banglore express. The train came at 3.50 PM it took 2.5 hours for me to reach Ernakulam town. I took a bus from there and the bus was blocked in traffic jam. I was at Tripunithura by 7.30 PM and rushed for the meeting on my bike that was parked in Tripunithura.

I am feeling sleepy and tired after the traveling. I need to go to bed early. Good night to all friends.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are twitter and its tweets good for anything? Are you wasting time…

I read in a magazine recently about Twitter, with picture of a bird that resembles to the cartoon character. I read many reviews about how to better use twitter, 10 steps to successful tweets, twitter everyone, twitter event management… and a lot of bla bla… I first saw this twitter on Ria’a blog (Ria’s collections) and was wondering what this stuff is all about.


I tried searching and created an account in it. All I could see was messages from different people that I can follow by clicking the follow tab not even good as the sms messages. It appeared to me as the open forum or a crowded valley where you can say anything and expect others to reply but a one to one message like a walkie-talkie.

I tried wasting my time and found a person who replied me asking my name and the place where I was located and whether I was employed. He sent messages for few minutes and disappeared in the night sleep.

I remember I found a solution where I could get Orkut, twitter, facebook, all in a single place; the Orkutter photograph. You can read and watch it from this article.

I tried modifying the appearance in Twitter and was successful adding my photos that could be seen large on a 17-inch monitor. I tried adding Mythreyi and Vrinda because they were the only ones I knew and I could find there, rest Sashi taroor, Prianka chopra… and many celebrities… It was not far for me to understand that it as none other than a high-class time waster. I do not know whether I am right but I felt so.

If anyone has any other opinion about its use then I would rather appreciate a feedback.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rushing towards Cochin’s Bhel puri King, the Yadav bhel puri wala

A small motorcycle, its powerful engine belying its exterior, sped through Cochin, heading towards the group of people gathered around a small thela. To a disinterested observer it is merely one more bike, making sounds of zham-zhoom.

Excited voices were silenced as eyes were drawn to a figure that approached towards “Yadav bhel puri thela”. His shrouded figure was draped in woolen attire that accentuated his tall slender body, with color of orange shades peeping the gap of it. This was no ordinary man, he was me... Abhilash… : )

Another tall figure Jk took his legs off the byke and followed me. We went to the person running yadav Bhel puri and ordered “Bhaiya do bhel puri parcel”. I can see many people crowded around the thela to make their taste buds feel the salty-spicy-sweet taste of Yadav’s recipes. In Ernakulam and entire Cochin you could see a lot of yadav’s running chat, bhelpuri and pani puri thelas.

They have their empire and their staffs to promote their north Indian snacks that are sold at affordable but pocket-breaking prize. They break samosas and call it chat, they mix murmura with mixtures, sauss and call it bhel puri, they put coloured water in small puris and call it pani puri. I complain a lot about their recipe prize but still like to have them.

This guy was lacking my favourite dish called “Dabeli” in his small wooden-built shop. It is a pav with half cut, stuffed with onions and spicy masala. It tastes awesome.

We took the parcel home and enjoyed eating it. People at Cochin gather around 5.30 to 6 PM in front of these thelas chatting, murmerring, discussing ideas and eating the chats and bhel puri’s. My mother used to prepare them at home.

I get most of the things here in Kerala but still miss the north. I will make all my desires come true on November 28th when I will be back home.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Para celebrations and pooja from Kerala to North India

I was watching the movie “the forbidden kingdom” and was thinking about the ancient civilizations and people. Soon I remember about the Para celebrations and the pooja held during the weekends. Para is celebrated in Kerala from January until December according to temples in a locality.

Thangu was the in-charge of catering that had to supply food to the guests who came to witness Para. In other words, he made himself the in-charge of the catering. Thangu is my Aunts younger child who is more mischievous that he appears to be.

Para celebrations started in kerala and soon were practiced among north Indian malayalees. I remember the para celebrations we have at Nagpur where Lord Aiyappas photo is accompanied by a group of priests who come to my home riding the back of a truck. Lord Aiyappa is seen riding a tiger and North Indian malayalees after technological advancement made him travel on trucks.

My mother makes all the arrangements required for the pooja that is done during para celebrations. The priest lits the lamp and advice us to take three hand-full of rice(nellu) and put into a container called “para”. We give a “dakshina”(an offering made to priests for their blessings) to the priest and he starts his journey to the other houses.

I witnessed the first para in Kerala where devi(goddess) is brought to the house on the shoulders of the priests( it is called as jeevadha). If you notice the priests, you will see their shoulders look like high-level swelling. While devi travels the way to your home the priests dance with her on their shoulders and hands free, pointed towards the ground. Their dance and balance resembles to the Royal circus, but divine and far from human understanding.

A kalam(drawing made for poojas) is drawn on the ground coated with cow dung. Cow is treated as a sacred animal and so are its body extracts. The jeevadha is placed with full respect on the ground and the priest starts the pooja process. Later the same procedure with rice is repeated and all the guests along with priest move to have their breakfast.

Theory behind para celebrations:

I was wondering why people celebrate para and had questions and debates with many people. I was convinced by the answers from two people Jk and ammuma(grandmother).
According to Jk: “ After the harvesting season is over, people believe that god will visit them to bless them for their hard work and receive a portion of their crop from them”.

Grandmother says: “ Para was followed from ancient times and was introduced by temple authorities to gather wealth for the temple”.
The facts are unknown; they change from each locality to people and their belief to their understanding. Celebrations are meant to spread happiness and enjoyment.

If you have any other views , why a para is celebrated… please post them as comments.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Magnitude of sleep for Engineers, IT-guys and tech bhujji’s

Today there is a holiday and I left for home in the morning. I slept at 11 Pm and woke at 5 Am. I left Cochin by bike at 6.30 Am and reached Kayamkulam at 8 Am.

For two-three months, I am awake for 19 hours working 9 hours in office and 10 hours busy with food, friends, internet, and client chats. I can cover an improper sleep of 5 hours that has started showing symptoms akin to stomach problems, constant fever,pale skin, hair fall, problems in vision and weight loss.

It is not only the issue with me but with every IT enthusiast who works for the MNC compromising his health and future for few paper cutouts called currency. Each human being should sleep for at least 8 hours to have a better health and long life. The problems seen among late night workers and sleep-o-phobiacks are early blood pressure, diabetics, migraine.

I think if this continues I will be converted to a home-of-diseases. Doctors consulted me to practice art of living, breating exercises, proper diet, sleep, and fat-reduction-workouts. I left Gymnasium two months ago and feel the difference. I should join it ASAP and follow the instructions from doctor.

I would like to advise the starters to consider this as an important advice and plan their life accordingly. Work well, sleep well, and live long, everything in the appropriate ratio.

Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, I only remember them in the fifth class science subject. I never considered them important in my life and never take care about their use in the life. Now I understand their importance : (

My grandmother is shouting, I need to go for dinner. I will go through all the posts and blogs on Monday. Happy weekend to all.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why I can’t forget Onam 2009?

Why can't I forget Onam? I cannot forget it because Onam 2009 is the most memorable moment in my life. All the family members and my parents were present in a single place to celebrate it. This had happened after 23 years when all gathered to laugh and enjoy.

I feel boring if I do not have anyone to speak. I cannot sit even 15 minutes idle or without speaking to anyone. I take the initiative and always approach my fellow passengers in the train to get a company. Once the person responds, “then… it is life at Abhi”. I do not know whether you have noticed that your time is spent easily if you have children accompanying you. You can watch these cartoons and your time will run… “Fast like a horse”.

There were a lot of children during the Onam celebrations, Aunts children, uncles children, sisters children, neighbors children, relatives children… except my children : )

I was astonished to see that I was not feeling bored without my laptop and internet. The children really amused me with their debating, questioning, and laughing skills. I took several snapshots until my mobile drained the last piece of charge remaining.

All had their pockets filled with banana chips, sharkaravarutti, tapioca chips, chocolates, and sweets. I could see them working as the intel processors exhibiting multitasking, where one hand was busy playing and other taking the eatables from their pockets to their mouth.

Girls and women demonstrated thiruvathira dance and sang songs. This was the day when I had the luck to have the konju theeyal prepared my mother after a long period. My mother really prepares delicious, mouth watery theeyal. I like everything she prepares. We used to have payasam eaery 4 days in a week. My mother and I liked sweets whereas my father and sister were fond of namkeen and spicy foods. My sister and I always used to exchange sweet and namkeens among us expressing a mutual treaty.

My onam started with a kinnathappam in the morning prepared by my mother. Later the queue was filled with onam sadya and my favorite, “THE PAYASAM”. We had 5 types of Payasam during my elder sisters marriage, kadachakya payasam, chena payasam, choru payasam, semiya payasam and pradhaman. I had prathaman a day before thiruonnam and semiya payasam on Onam.

I went first to my Aunts home to pick her children and had Ari payasam, which they got from the temple as a part of the archana. They always keep payasam for me whether it is a celebration, received from a temple or prepared homely.

This onam we bought a chocolate called “pradhaman”. It tasted the same as the pradhaman (porridge) and the flavors were like real.

I told my grandmother that two of my north Indian friends would accompany me home to celebrate onam. She knew they will not like South Indian dishes and bought many bakery items. She was shocked to see my parents arrive in front of the home. I forgot to take a snap of her “chammiya montha”(astonished face).

My father’s younger brother has two sons and I was able to see them after a long period. If I remember, I saw them when they were 1 years old. He is living in Maabar, too far from our home and visits the home rarely.

I also took snaps with children, and have provided the photo of the pookalam after request from “Vrinda of sankeerthanam”. This was not actually a pookalam but rather a kalam made of salt. This was the creative work of a boy living nearby.

I enjoyed a lot and miss my parents. The memories of onam 2009 will live forever in my heart and mind. I will never forget the enjoyment I had during these 3-4 days.

May maveli(mahabli the king, Onam is celebrated on his memory) eat a lot and come the next year with a even fat stomach and people be ready to welcome him.

Dear all, Take care until we meet in he next post. With love, Abhi…

World of magnetic music, Influencing hearts and brain

I hear songs whenever I am idle, traveling, walking, doing exercises, eating and even before sleeping. I feel relaxed when I hear songs and I hope all like music and songs. Each living thing produce music; from birds to bees and even the nature that appears pleasing to ears.

haan… ok… except me, I accept it. : )

I have experienced, songs that appear pleasing once are not the same when heard in a different situation. Songs have a magnetic effect that attracts the brains and heart towards it. I like hearing carnatic kacheris. Melodious songs and fast tracks differ depending upon my mood and time.

As said “songs never need interpretations”, they explain themselves to their audience.
Jim Gimzewski, a 52 year old US based scientist believes that body cells produce sounds. He says, someday doctors will be able to understand the patient’s disease by hearing the sound produced by their cells.
The study of cell sounds is call sonocytology.

You can notice your hairs become stiff on hearing some patriotic songs or music when played during entry of your favorite actor. This shows that body responds to sounds and music.

Songs have the power to influence your depression levels and are believed to cure diseases. A test was conducted on two groups suffering from mental depression, one was given normal therapy while the other was subjected to music therapy. The ones to whom music therapy was applied are said to be cured faster than the later. Doctors believe that music will be able to cure cancer in future.

If you think from a different angle, you will find that most of the diseases occur due to mental depression or lack of resistance against diseases. So if music could influence the cause, they can help avoiding diseases.

I normally buy music CD’s… mm… naa… I get songs from my friends or I download them. I regularly use Cooltoad, 123 musiq, new tamil hits, irazoo where I get all the songs I am interested in.

I recently found a good collection of yesudas kacheris from this link.

Please see whether it is useful to you. So, Enjoy music and avoid diseases and depression.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

100th post on My Akkidies (mistakes) in Kerala, Gods own country

This is the 100th post of my blog that means it has completed a century. I have uploaded my favorite song as background music of the blog. I am happy today and would like to share the favorite topic that most of my friends know. I love Kerala, not because it is the place where my parents are born but due to its greenery, lakes, scenery, places and loving people. When I mention Kerala I should mention about my mistakes than my enjoyment. Let me devote my 100th post for my akkidikal (mistakes) in Kerala.

Let us start with the story "An encounter with cochin police"

It was during the period I came in Cochin and helmets were made compulsory. I had no bike at that time and used Ananthan’s pulsar for traveling.

We were 25 people living in a big palace in Tripunithura. We planned to use our time creatively, playing some indoor games. The decision was made by Don and Bishar to purchase a carom board. One of my friends said that carom boards are available in a sports store near kirrake kotta.

I took Ananthan’s bike with Don on the back seat and drove to East Fort (Kirrake kotta in Malayalam) tripunithura. While we were crossing the traffic, an inspector caught us not for wearing the helmets. The inspector told me to produce my license and Vehicles papers. I did not have a license… mm… or in better way, I did not have a license at all.

I was mum and Don started answering to each question the inspector asked me. The police man asked "is this boy deaf or dumb, why are you answering my questions?".
Don replied saying that I was from Mumbai and was unable to speak Malayalam.

The policeman agreed and gave a challan(pety) for 100 rupees. Then he went at the other end. I saw he did not accept the money and was leaving the place. I called him back saying "saare… paisa vende"(sir, don’t you need the money). UDIMBAA… then what, all words by Don about me being a Mumbaian and not knowledgable in malayalam become false. Ha ha… that was the first akkidi in Kerala.

(A photo taken when I had the OTB looks)

I thought the story would end here; I will not make any mistakes. But evade (where), I made an another mistake. Let me tell you the story of "Open hand fishing in Kerala"

A new generator was bought in our old office that was planned to be placed on the third floor. We heard rumor that the generator was in the truck waiting to be shifted above by some strong men. We thought why to wait for strong men when several shaktimaan’s are here. We rushed down and started helping take the generator out of the truck. Using the engineering knowledge of control valves and inclined planes, we laid two wooden rods borrowed from a nearby store and started pulling it down.

All were in a funny mood. While I was helping, get the generator down a person came dressed in Blue and asked why I was pulling it down. I thought it was the truck driver who asked it to make me fear. I replied in a cool manner that it is an asset of my firm and I will get it at the third floor. The man asked back "will you pull or lift anything and everything". As I was very good in debates and group discussions, I replied saying, "yes if it is related to me I will surely do it".

The man become angry and asked whether I have heard about "CITU union". This was the word I was hearing for the first time, so replied, "No I have heard about mithu union" (the fans club of Mithun chakraborthy). Soon I was able to see people dressed in same union gathering making a big mob as if it was a mafia gang.

I was told to leave the place by one of my colleagues. I later understood that it was a union in Kerala, named CITU and, here unions HAVE TO BE used to lift and shift goods.

They created a mess and took 3000 rupees to leave the place. Later, security guard and his colleagues shifted above the generator. I was told not to mess with any Unions and it is Keralas problem that has to be accepted. The person from CITU who was angry on me gives me a smile whenever I meet him on the road.

A lot more but post is restricted as my time. Sorry guys, more for the future posts. Its 12.30 AM, and time to sleep.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kutti, Krishna janmashtami at Poornathrayeesha temple Tripunithura

As I said before, Tripunithura is a land of celebrations and temples. Here people are too serious about the celebrations and festivals and they enjoy them with full satisfaction. Yesterday was Krishna janmastami and Tripunithura had celebrations to offer its viewers. I once wrote an article on the girls in Thripunithura/ the way people live here. I love this calm and interesting place provided it has to be active the same way as it is during the celebrations.

Krishna Janmashtami celebrations at Tripunithura had childrens dressed as Radha and Krishna. Kavitha’s daughter was also dressed as Radha and was accompanying the crowd leading the road to Sree Poornathrayeesa temple. The Krishna and Radha were small children, not even the age to understand the importance of the roles they were dressed.

I moved towards the tabloid where some elders were accompanying a small Krishna and a group of Radha’s was walking in front of him. When I took my camera out of the pocket, the tabloid stopped as if they thought I was a reporter of the Indian express, hindu or manorama newspapers. I took some shots, which were not that clear due to the lack of daylight. I stayed there until I was sure I had sufficient picks.

I could see the small Krishna crying for his mother, not Yasodha of course. His mother was complaining him and complained, her son was not able to have a proper sleep the same day. There were questions coming from people whether the Krishna was a boy or a girl. The mother replied to each question that her son was a boy dressed as Krishna.

Later I moved towards a Pancharimelam( a band playing dholaks) who stopped in the middle of the road to demonstrate their skills and bring a new energetic life to the crowd.

I understand that people at Tripunithura keep mum and preserve energy to be devoted to such celebrations. The only exception is… mm… me yaar, who is always active. Anyway, I am happy that I was able to show you the pictures of the celebration.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Atul sadhu’s love story to conclude in marriage, an unexpected love phobia

Today Atul called me and remind me to book tickets for his marriage. His marriage is in Nagpur on 28 November 2009. I need to book my tickets at least 2 months in advance to travel in reservation quota. It takes two days to travel from Cochin to Nagpur.

Atul Sadhu become my friend from fifth class and was with me until engineering. He is my close and loving friend. He has a small thin body and a big fat heart. He was known in college as love guru, as he was always eager to solve issues of the students in problem with love. Atul used to ride a luna and managed to come and meet me in my home surpassing the great adventures, his vehicle gave him.

Aditi Andhare was a studious and topper lady during engineering. Atul was her close friend and used to call her, share problems, books etc. Boys were not able to mingle with her the way Atul did and used to tease Atul by her name.

Atul never appeared serious with her. However, he liked people teasing him by her name but he never committed his love for her. Atul would always show shades of pink color on his cheeks when the name Aditi was pronounced by someone. He has thousand tongues to speak about his friends but never about Aditi andhare.

We completed engineering and it all finished and vanished from all our minds like the engineering fantasy and mischief.

Before 5 months, I got a call from Atul saying his marriage is fixed and Aditi Andhare is the bride. I was shocked at once and did not say anything for 2-3 minutes. I said loudly “Baapre Atul”, when I got my senses back. He had done something that none of us expected. This was a shock and at the same time, I was too happy to see my friend marry the woman we believed he was in love with.

I will have to forward a leave application to attend Atul’s marriage. His engagement was 4 months before which I was not able to attend. I promised him that I will be attending his marriage and I have to keep my word.

Atul, if you read this post anytime in your life… mm… may be the time you have sons and daughters. Do let them go through this post to know the love story of their father.

The unexpected HERO, “hero heera-lal”

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Garma garam roti with Tamatar roast, a delicious combo

I prepare all the chapattis and then start eating. This makes the food to cool and would never get the taste and the feel I get when my mother prepares food. My mother prepares chapatti and serves it hot; this helps to enjoy the food. I thought why not to have a hot chapatti from now onwards.

I was searching for a good combination for roti(we call chapatti as roti in Maharashtra) and finally decided to prepare tamatar ki sabji ( tomato roast ). My recipe for the tamatar roast is very simple and can be better called as IT recipe for tomato roast.

I came home from Ernakulam, prepared the sabji and after it was cooked, started making chapattis in the chapatti maker. I did not wait for the others to be ready and started eating them hot. I am not able to express the taste, it was awesome. I decided to have the chapattis hot from now-onwards.

Recipe for 15 minutes-Tamatar roast (Tomato ki sabji)

1. Take some onion and cut them into small. Fry them in a pan.
2. After they are light brown, add red chilly powder, coriander powder, pepper, ginger powder, jeera powder and mix well.
3. Add some water and then cut the tomatoes into small pieces.
4. Put the tomato pieces in the pan, close the lid, and let it cook for 15-20 minutes.
5. Remove the lid, add salt and let the water evaporate leaving thick gravey.

See, it is that simple. I have decided to avoid potatoes from my recipe, as they are a source for gas problems in the stomach.

I will suggest all IT people to start preparing food in their kitchen to help their stomach live long. The food prepared in hotels is neither clean nor nutritive.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tiffany chocolates on birthday of Durga, Jk’s daughter – An end to the endless journey

I was not able to touch Blog for a week as my parents were in Kerala to celebrate their Onam. They do not want me to be in front of the Laptop when they expect me to spend time with them. They went yesterday back to Maharashtra; I started again with the blogging after I discovered they reached there safely, today. This marked the end to my endless journey.

I had to go for House pooja of Sreekumar (my colleague) day before yesterday and Sajith’s marriage yesterday. My parents were to leave Kerala at 1 Pm, so I was not able to go for the marriage and neither share Sreekumar’s happiness.

After waving hands to my parents, I joined the team from Ernakulam for Sajiths reception in Quilon. We reached back at 11 PM. I lie down on the bed and felt asleep within no time.

Today I was too tired, came early from office, and slept by 5 Pm. I woke by 7.30 Pm had a bath, ate food and watched movie underworld.

Oh! I forgot our actual topic. Today was the birthday of Jk’s daughter Durga. She is a cute little girl. About Jk; he married the girl he was in love since his college days. He can be seen always on the phone chatting with his wife.

He was happy yesterday and took a leave for the birthday of his daughter. He passed Tiffany chocolates to distribute among the friends. I will not stay long today, I am feeling dozy, and think should go to bed.

Sorry if I was not able to reply your comments and I missed your articles. “Sab milakar kal hisaab chupta kar doonga”
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