Sunday, August 23, 2009

Witnessing Athachamayam 2009, competitor to Athachamayam 2008

I was finally able to view the Athachamayam 2009 at Tripunithura. Yesterday we slept late and wake up at 9 AM in the morning. Rain god started showering liquid to greet the Athachamayam celebrations at 10 Am.
I thought this would result in a long greet and the Athachamayam will not happen. At 10.30, the rain stopped and I decided to move for the celebration. I was planning to take a bath and there comes a sound “tring tring” a phone call from Hanish, my friend in USA. I attended the phone and it went until 11 AM.

At 11.30 AM, I went to Tripunithura, kept my vehicle behind the stores in Statue Junction. I was able to see crowds gathering at the Junction to see Athachamayam. There were people on the statue, on Buildings, houses, balconies, road-edges, and in short everywhere.

I tried to move forward crossing the crowd but was unable to see the celebration clearly. I approached the route connecting statue junction to “Kirakke kotta”(East fort) and managed to find a position where I could see it clearly. I took my camera/ mobile phone from my pocket that flashed a light on pressing the button and captured the stills.

This year’s Athachamayam was more beautiful that the previous year. I saw children dancing in different dance forms, tableus and yes… Tripunithura’s girls. :D

I like thetableau with Jesus on cross, Soldiers and the hanuman’s tableau. There was a tableu with a person hanged by his neck. This tableau halted at the junction when the person hung was unable to get sufficient air. I think this is the difficult part for the people who act in these tableus.

There was “panthaya kozhi” a Malayalam movie on Asianet and we forget to go for chambakara boat race. So sad :(
This marks beginning to Onam and celebrations in Kerala.


  1. Wow you have brought the celebration live to all of us through your post :)

  2. Nice pictures... got to know more abt this celebration through ur blog...thanks for dropping keep in touch...take care abhi

  3. Theyyam kanditte kaalam kore aayi,miss everything..thanx for sharing the pics,hope u guys had a great time,Athapoovitto...?

  4. Nice photos of the celebrations... Happy Onam

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  6. Happy ganesh chaturthi:)
    Superb photos of celebrations...

  7. Lovely Pics, Abhilash!I have plenty of Malayali friends from Calicut and near the Guruvayur.I love your traditions:)Happy Chavithi, well Belated now!
    Have fun!

  8. Great shots of this neat celebration!

  9. the flots are super
    i will appreciate owner A T BIJUKUMAR

  10. colorful, abhi! thanks for enjoying it for us :)

  11. so beautiful pic.hope you enjoying the festiv season.

  12. Re: All

    Thank you for the comments.
    I hope all know the date now. You can plan and come here next year and witness the same.

  13. Nice post..abhi..i really like it. Thank you for sharing the information.


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