Sunday, August 2, 2009

A weekend at Thamarakulam - my mother's home

I am with my grandparents today. This place is in the interior of Alleppy district, 18 kilometers from Kayamkulam town known by the name Thamarakulam(Pool of Lotus). I will refer this place as Greenland; green trees, beautiful flowers, and Rivers surround it.
It is a nice place to spend weekends; better and far from the busy, traffic-oriented towns, where people use oxygen cylinders and still lack fresh air.

It was like a treasure of gold that appeared in front of me after my grandmother called me for the lunch. The treasure had red-rice, Pappaddam(pappad), theeyal, vazha koombu tooran( thoran prepared from the flowery-part attached to the banana plant which is later converted to banana through natural process), fish( fried and curry), mooru curry( prepared from curd). It was a nice, mouth-watery, and delicious lunch.
I enjoyed it after a long period.

There was no rain this day and I went outside to view the surroundings. There were few worms too big the size of a toffee (atta in Malayalam). This was also something new to me. As my normal habit, I took few pictures of them. My grandmother was shouting at me for holding them by hand. :D

After lunch I had a custard apple (seetafal) and passion fruit (My grandmother calls it by that name). Passion fruit was new to me; she cut it with knife and put some sugar to taste. I ate it with a spoon and it was awesome. Seetafal or custard apple was the one I get at Nagpur so there was nothing new.

Later I went to my Aunts house and met the children there. The small one Akshay was busy playing pebbles. It was nice watching him playing them.

Today was a nice day. I plan to visit my father’s house next week.


  1. Abhi,

    Even my native place is same...........but i live in mumbai.


  2. Great to know that Prianka and thanks for the comments.


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