Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Unlimited broadband plans – Asianet leader, Limited providers focus on fast response

Mahesh told me about the unlimited internet connection he uses at his home. He says,” I do not have to worry about the monthly bill that exceeds the amount I expect and worry about the usage; now I have my hands free and I can use them to fly me high”. He uses Asianet broadband connection with an unlimited plan. He suggested me to use it for surfing and downloading useful software’s and songs.

I use reliance data card in my laptop and that provide me sufficient speed to surf and blog. I do not use the data card for downloading as it has a max limit of 2 GB and the downloading speed I could get is 18kbps. Therefore, I decided to have a broadband unlimited plan.

Since Mahesh suggested me to the broadband connection from Asianet, I registered a request in their website. The response was too fast. A person from Asianet called me the same day and said he will meet me. He registered the request got my sign and sent a technician to get the connection at my end the next day. It was too fast.

When the technician came to my home, he found that they had lines limited in the location and he will have to pull new wires inorder to give me a connection that will cost more to him. Therefore, I had to drop with Asianet.

I approached Airtel(my mobile service provider), reliance and tata indicom for unlimited plans. Airtel and reliance were late but called me to collect the response 4 days later. From then I never got any call from them. Tata indicom being the turtle, who is no winner in the turtle-rabbit race never give me a call.

I am sad Asianet does not have a connection in my Area but they are fast at response and I like their way of quickly approaching a client and making him understand that Aisanet is not too far to approach and help them. They have even better plans as compared to other providers.

You can get details about different broadband plans available in India from here.
Asianet, Airtel, Reliance, tata indicom.

I did not go for BSNL as Mahesh says he had a bitter experience with them and they are too lazy to work than to disturb customers. I think it is time for a reconsideration saying that no service provider could claim complete coverage in terrains and rural areas, if they do not have a coverage and fast response in kerala’s biggest cities like Ernakulam.

Conclusion would be if Asianet has a good mentor, they could reach good heights than the others far in their competition as they have good will, at least from me. The others need to change their marketing strategy if they plan to be the market leaders for years.


  1. Hmmmm.. sad.. so now you are left with your data card is it. I use Airtel unlimited and its really nice. Never had a problem with it for the past three years.

    1. you a lucky person . i am using reliance data card for the last 4 years , there data transfer speed is too low [maximum speed is 3.2 Mbps] , last 3 weeks it is only 0-10 kbps ,I complained in the customer care and web world but no response . so now i am change my connection to asianet .

  2. Re: Nithya

    Nice to know you did not have any probs...

    :( this is not my case..

  3. we have good experience with bsnl at my hometown (pala, kottayam). good speed, wireless modem. we use a limited plan, but they have unlimited plans also.

  4. Re: rocksea

    I do not know about BSNL my colleague Mahesh said he had some bitter experiences with them.

    In addition, good news, I got a tata indicom connection today.

  5. V also have bsnl broadband at home in Kannur..24 hrs inet connection,cool naa...

  6. yes unlimited connection is good. You do not have to worry about the cost or charges that come at the end of the month.

    Unlimited blogging and surfing.

  7. u said ur downloading speed was 18kbps
    i think it should be 18KBps
    note the difference

  8. I had Asianet limited plan of 2600MB - Night 2.00 am to 8 am free usage - I have enjoyed a lot - speed sometimes 1 mbps and some times as dial up

    But currently I have disconnected as the speed became very slow and frequent problems - service very poor [ earlier it was very good] May be they are doing some trick for limiting the bandwidth - fed up with it i dropped asianet. Now I have bsnl 3g - Not suitable for downloads - speed is stunning - but connection breaks

    Planning to get broadband of bsnl. Very good response from my office

  9. Asianet broadband unlimited 449 per month has a speed of 300 kbps

  10. Asianet broadband connection is the worse broadband connections i ever seen.

    VERY POOR :(

  11. Re: Anonymous

    I understand Asianet were not better with the service few years ago. But for the last 5-6 months, they have improved significantly. I was using their connection at Cochin and later tried it at Kollam. They gave me the best service and with immediate response.

  12. I use Asianet in Thrissur.Never had any major problems with connection. They respond very quickly to customer complaints. At least they used to let me know what the problem is and approximately when it will be resolved.The only annoying thing is the login each time you need to use the connection. This prevents the IP phones from working as we need to keep a computer on just to keep the connection alive.I don't have any experience with BSNL.

  13. Reliance Communications is also one of the major broadband & telecom service providers among prominent players. Reliance Broadband Plans with well defined process and guidelines for customer interaction. Reliance Wire-free Broadband Internet offers IT Networking Solutions

  14. I am using the Unlimited data plan..it's the first time i'm using unlimited plans..so they say a fixed rate..
    will i have to pay for my usage? or just that fixed rate..

  15. which is best brodband conection? plz
    tell me..i am so confused..
    bsnl or asianet?

  16. which is best brodband conection? plz
    tell me..i am so confused..
    bsnl or asianet?

  17. @Blesson - I prefer Asianet as I do not have a BSNL LAN line at my home. Asianet addresses my complaints promptly with less disruption in the connection.

    BSNL would be cheaper when compared to Asianet.


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