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Undan pori - The father of unni appam, Ernakulam special

Did you know the recipe for undanpori? Did you hear about it?

My vehicle stops often in front of a tattu kada named Mohan’s tattu kada to have the breakfast. Mohan is 50-year-old man running a small store selling tea, cigarettes, food items like suhiyan, pattiri, korakatta, urunnu vada, undan pori and parippu vada( these are south Indian dishes) inside a market lane in Tripunithura.

Undan pori is my favorite break fast selection. “Undan pori”, I have heard this name only in Ernakulam. It tastes similar to unni appam but big in size and therefore I call it the father of unni appam. Undan pori is a round big appam made of wheat and jaggery. It is brown in colour and tastes crisp and delicious with tea or coffee. I prefer hot milk with undan pori in mohan’s tattu kada.

undan pori

Try having an undan pori and milk in the morning, I can assure you a refreshing day.
I tried to get the recipe from Mohan but he says he get this prepared from a swami, a Brahmin in the area who gets a portion of the profit for the ones been sold.
I managed somehow to figure out the recipe after insisting mohan.

Recipe for undan pori, the father of unni appam:


1. Banana (malayalees can use a valanthoram pazham) - 1
2. Jaggery or Sugar – 150 gm
3. Wheat powder (aata) - 100g
4. Cardamom Powder – as per your requirements. I will say use 1/3 of spoon
5. Soda - a pinch
6. Coconut – cut into small pieces
7. Ghee


1. Fry the coconut pieces in Ghee and keep it aside to cool.
2. Boil water with jaggery until it is tight and brown. You can use sugar-replacing jaggery.
3. Mix all the items listed above including jaggery and fried coconut and keep it for 5 minutes.
4. Heat the oil in a pan. Make small rounds and fry them in oil. You can use an unni appam chatti for this too. The ratio should be big than unni appam.
5. Hey! Undan pori is ready. Enjoy!

Try preparing undan pori and let me know your output. I hope this is a new dish for most of the starters and they can try working on it.


  1. My mom loves kerala recipes and i used to make unni appam and sweet plantain bajji( actually i forgot that recipe name, what do you call that?) for her. She will be visiting me in September and i am planning to make this undan pori as a special.

  2. Ithu adipoli aayi.
    Never heard of that snack but when I saw the recipe I got a hang of it.Sure it would have made a good breakfast.
    Thank god thsi time u did not write 2 ways to have undan pori.
    1) take bike
    2) goto Mohan's thattu kada

  3. Hey Abhi who told u this is Ernakulam special,its widely available in kannur thalassry thattukada and small chayakada..Infact i thought its pakka malabary treat,my fav tea time snack..And regarding Zucchini fritters,yes it sounds like english but i know its our bhajiya..Nammude pazham pori is known as Banana fritters among bloggers..otherwise only mallus can understand,gotcha...?Undan pori thinnan kothiyayi...

  4. Re: Smitha

    Thanks for the comments. I did not find its recipe anywhere so thought it will be helpful for the professional cooks like you.

    Regarding syle of having it I will be writing something soon... :D

  5. thanks for the recipe abhi. sounds delicious. will try sometime! using jaggerry is far better than sugar most of the times..

  6. Re: rocksea

    Thanks for the comments. Do try undan pori at your home. It is not hard to prepare and will taste superb...

  7. The entire list is new to me.. will try it soon.. we have something called paniyaram here in TamilNadu. This one is a variation in it I guess.

  8. Wow this is something that I have never tried before! I love unniappam and this goes to my list of things to try out!

  9. re: Nithya

    I do not know much about paniyaram. I wil try it also.

  10. Re: pooja

    I would say, just give it a try this will taste better and bigger than a unniappam

  11. just a day after my previous comment, my mother-in-law, who is staying with us now, made undan-pori for tea! that was surprising as i hadnt told anyone abt it :D
    tasted great. we made it without coconut due to less availability here. she told that they usually make it with coconut.

  12. it is known as gund in tvm....:)


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