Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reading exercises and advice, Is it for any better?

I was never a bookworm but I remember I read a big book of software engineering by Pressman in 7 days time, as it was necessary for my exams. I always used to study 10-15 days before start of the exam. I attended all the classes by the lecturers and then go through their notes and books before the exam, and if I guess, I used to get good marks too.

That was all about my book reading. People use to tell me to read the books, newspapers, journals, magazines, as they will increase my reading skills, GK, and English knowledge.
I do not know.

(photo of my engineering first year when students are busy studying and fed up with studies)

My mother reads many books and she never leaves any puzzles or riddles unanswered. She always use to tell me “Monu”(she call me by that name), read newspaper daily, solve puzzles, watch news rather than movies, but all a waste. She was never able to understand that reading books are like giving a tedious task to my mind that is not at all a healthy competition.

Do we really need books to increase our GK? Is Gk important to survive on earth? Is reading necessary? I do not have answers.

Mothers, they all have the same concern for their children and their life. They want them to be APJ Abdul kalam, Dhirubhai Ambani, Narayan murthi and Bill gates. They never understand that their children are somewhere different; might be they want themselves to be like Kiran bedi, Sunil shetty, Matt cutts etc. (Sunil shetty aa…. Is it over?)

Mothers…; Mothers... I love my mother a lot and used to keep these newspapers and magazines in front of me to satisfy her. Now your question and understanding both are right. What do I do with the newspapers and magazines in front of me? I used to creatively read the cartoons like phantom and asterix( that were the ones that appear in the newspaper called Hithwada and Indian express) and find the creativity behind the cartoonist who pictured them.

I was grown and so did my character (people say different, they say "Abhilash"! mature boss…), ha ha… That was all about me but I would like to have some good opinions from the readers that could make my views strong or make me understand where I am wrong.

So yes, what do you think? Is reading a necessity and what do you think we lack due to insufficient reading skills?

To be clearer, what do the youth miss due to lack of reading?


  1. a good book is often the assimilation of several years' experiences of a person. it gives a shortcut to go through those experiences in some way and understand or be prepared about life at different situations. reading surely helps you lead life at a higher quality, in several areas. well, the reader should acquire the ability to practically use it as well. at the same time, one shown keep their eyes open on their own qualities, and try to develop them.

  2. Re: Rocksea

    Thank you for the comments.
    I do agree with your points but is reading necessary?

  3. According to me its absolutely not a compulsion to read books to survive.. Cause I do without reading them.. :) I rarely read books but it really does not mean I don't get to know what is happening in the world. Yes I do know. I have a feeling that we need to experience things and learn and not just learn from others experiences. Y learn from others mistakes and success.. Make it myself is my attitude. :) But coming to stories, I like it in a quicker way of movies or someone narrating it to me.

    I absolutely agree one good fact of books. It increases the written skills and creativity. Probably to convey things in a nicer way. I still wonder how J.K.Rowling managed to explain such weird characters and monsters by words. I have seen the movies of Harry potter but never attempted to read the books.

    My verdict : To lead a normal life its absolutely not necessary. But if you wish to be talented in all ways you have no choice but to read. :)

  4. re: Nithya

    Thank you for the comments nithya.

  5. For reading is an absolute must. i can't live without reading. Helps me kill time. Moreover, it realy helps hone ur vocabulary.Thirdly, it takes u places u have never been or seen. Places which may never be possible to visit even in ur wildest dreams. Reading expends ur horizon n u can play with ur imagination.

  6. Reading is very important and interesting part for me. It expands my creativity. In simple "No readers No bloggers".

  7. having said the above, i wont say reading is necessary as such. life can be beautiful even without reading a single book.

    your mom may have found the facilities which reading provides, and would have been keen to pass it on you. in this fast paced world, where we usually follow the trap of going to school - work - die - and passing on the same to our children, books may help us to live lives we haven't or give us ideas to live such lives...

  8. Abhi, I love reading so I would say like your mother, please read :)

    but then I myself have two kids and both of them are happier watching TV or playing their computer games and I despair...

    Reading takes you places and you get to experience a lot without moving. You can read the experience of others like how I am reading yours.. while reading a book your own imagination creates the scenes but while watching the screen the images are already there for you.

    try reading a good book and see how you find it...


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