Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Missing second Rakhi – Gen X courier Rakshabandhan, “coramowi”

It is the second time I am missing Rakshabandhan. Cochin is not busy due to rakshabandhan, neither are the girls running in vaitilla to purchase rakhi for their brothers. It is all for the favorite game, “job”. Malayalees would say why to celebrate a festival to make your sister or brother realize you care for them. It might be correct up to some extent until north Indians ask; will maveli come for the onam? then why to celebrate it. Let us make every day an onam… There are no answers for such question. It depends upon what we believe and how we celebrate.

It is an important festival among the north Indians where the sister tie rakhi on the wrist of her brother. It symbolizes relationship, love, and belief between brother and sister. Today girls in north India are busy buying rakhi’s for gathering the money collected in exchange to the rakhi they tie on 5th August 2009.

If we look at it from the other view…mm … say the right angle view, we will feel there should be some festivals, and celebrations that unite the family members and let them share the feelings and joy within their busy schedule.

I missed my second rakhi. Most of the people who come to other states or go to other countries to earn their revenue and buy their bread would face the same problems. The generation X has discovered a new solution to this problem. They call it “coramowi”, COurier, RAkhi, MObile, WIshes. Sisters send rakhi to their brothers through courier and use mobiles to send wishes.

Technology has also enabled coramowi followers (sisters and brothers) to have live chat through internet with a web cam and a headphone wishing and celebrating LIVE. Whatever be the buggy business, I miss my sister and family. I hope will have all the celebrations on a single day when I meet them.

Advance Rakshabandhan wishes to all.

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