Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Memories of mischievous days during engineering

I can never forget the tech learning sessions and the mischievous life during engineering that I could never bring back. I had enjoyed max in my engineering days, witnessed several cartoons, munna and pappu’s, tapri gangs, love, passion, hatred… all during the campus days.

I was an average student (please do not tell anyone) who came to study engineering surpassing the expectations of family members. My parents never thought I would be able to get an admission in the engineering after they saw my tenth results. I will write about that in details later which is also another funny story, may be I will name it “ the Abhilash ultimatum’.

I would like to mention some of the incidents during engineering that I could remember and that make me laugh.

- Class that made Micky and teacher learn English.

Micky was my classmate who was also a bit mischievous like me, the difference being he was always caught, and me never. I was the “kannil unni” (loved one) by my teachers.
I remember that was system programming class and we had a new lecturer who was poor in English. He had a neck like giraffe and legs and hands similar to Amitabh bacchan. While he was teaching, we were busy discussing about the new GTA game that was launched recently and how to cross a mission.
He saw Mickey speaking in the class and warned him to keep his mouth shut. Still after 5-6 warnings, he saw the same thing going and was too tensed and angry. While he was to say something the bell rang tring, and his words stuck in his mouth. His eagerness made him say a sentence while he was leaving the class, he bursted into anger and said “ Mickey, I will understand you”( in a bihari slang). His gestures conveyed the meaning and all were mum for 5 sec but busted laughing when the sentence clicked their mind. ha ha…

- Vinay’s never ending English confusion

Vinay was a studious boy but lacked English knowledge as he had his school days in marathi medium. We went for a tech fiesta event in another college and we were sitting facing the people who were speaking and debating on a topic. The first boy spoke “my forefathers never witnessed it before”.
I saw Vinay was busy thinking. I asked what happened Vinay. He replied asking another question. “Abhilash how can a person have 4 fathers”. Ha ha….

He had another doubt, which is not related to English. He asks “ If we go by train and enter toilet for daily activities then all our waste stuff goes below on the railway tracks, Abhilash what if we travel by Plane. I would never go on my terrace and eat anything” :D He is now working in TCS Mumbai.

- Vrunda’s weekly chips party

Vrunda was a gujju girl who used to sit like us, in the backbenches and was the topper in the class. She used to bring chips filled in her bag and used to eat during lectures. She used to offer boys the same to support her in her eating schedule.
She will always pass comments at teachers and crack funny jokes to compete boys.

She used to sit in front of me in the exams and to a great surprise always had 1 mark more than me in the totals. I do not know what the magic was. We never had same marks in subjects but the final score had one mark always less than her.

I am not able to cover more in this single article. I will write about this later.
Good Night to all…


  1. :)..I think college days are most memorable in everyones life....Nice and funny article that transported me to my college days...:)

  2. Nice writeup Abhi,really enjoyed ,ask Vinay to read this post..And ask ur amma to make koottu curry for this onam,Kootu curry illthe enthu onasadya mashe...

  3. was really nice reading abt ur college life and friends...just reminded me of my college days...best days of everyone's life i guess...unforgettable and memorable one....will always cherish it.....

  4. Nice reading Abhi golden days naa..........

  5. I think u enjoyed lot in college...college days are most memorable and unforgettable in everyone's life....

  6. What cute stories! Sounds like you had a lot of fun during your college days.

  7. What's that background music? I find it nice.

  8. Hi Ahhi...How r u...? I am suman from Assam,doing work at a Telecom sector.I am very happy 2see u.Have a lots of thanks 2u...plz send reply,i have send my mail ID..hphukan05@gmail.com.After it we meet u at ORKUT....Thanks.

  9. Hey.......Abhi,
    You could have posted it completely.
    I really enjoyed reading it.


  10. @Priyanka -

    Nice to hear that you like reading my posts. I shall continue writing.


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