Saturday, August 15, 2009

Memories of a disaster in Kitchen before Independence Day

I was surfing the internet and having my food on August 14, 2009 ie. a day before the Indian independence day. The specials for my dinner were Chapattis and moong dal masala. I was alone in the room as my roommates went to their home for the weekend. I was not at all feeling lonely or bored as my companion, the internet was with me.

I was to call my US client between 2 AM to 2.30 AM Indian times because he was only available during this span in his office. I thought, sleeping and then getting up for a call wont work, I would have to wake until its 2 AM.

Indian Independence day and kitchen disasters

I finished my food and decided to have the extreme experience of 2 MBPS broadband on the laptop which had only witnessed data card speeds. It was 12.30 AM and I could see you tube moving like a bullet train without buffering any video that it did on my lap when data card was driving it.

I normally prepare the curry for dinner in excess to use in the morning and I thought to heat it, to be preserved. As the curry was already cooked, I pour some water and kept it on a small flame to show me the results of being ready through small bubbles.

I thought why not to leave it for a second and surf the internet while it is been ready. I was watching a song “Teri hain Zameen, tera aasmaan” from the movie the burning train and to my astonishment the room started filling with smoke. I jumped off my seat to see whether there was something wrong with the modem or its adapter. I could not figure anything wrong. I started tracing the source of the smoke and reached the kitchen. I could see the vessel kept for heating being blacked out and emitting smoke. Appa!... the whole curry went into disaster.

Burnt vessel

I opened all the doors and windows to help the smoke find new avenues. Oh... it was quite difficult to wash the vessel and at last, a plastic surgery was required to get it back with the original physical appearance.

I think the vessel decided to enjoy the Independence Day by showing signs of strike and rigorous protest in the form of burning curry (same as burning statues and dummies by human Protestants). Oh!... mm… Ok, I understand it is my mistake to turn the gas off and monitor it before switching to new ventures.

Therefore, the moral goes here “You should achieve perfection on your current work before being engaged on something else”. The same applies to human beings. It was easy to restore the vessel to its old state, but this will never work when you are on your professional assignment.

Now the only recipe left for me on August 15, our independence day will be Smitha’s, Golden And Delicious Sarkkarai Pongal. I will try it today. You can read the recipe from this link “Saffron Apron”.


  1. :) it happens.. :) anyways may be you deserve a better dish on Independence day and that is y this one ended as a disaster.

    Hey I have a different disaster story in my blog. take a look.. here is the link

  2. Oops,athine engine clean cheytheduthu mashe....Ivide aayirunnel Policum fire enginum ethiyene...Here whenever i make poori or chappathi at high heat the fire alarm will start making Beep..Beep..then i will run to cover the alarm with my shower cap,if it beeps continuously it will automatically inform fire dept,the next u can imagine,he he...Happy Independence day...

  3. independence day wishes for a hungry soul!

  4. :D

    Consider giving that picture and vessel to some dishwash ad making companies! :D

  5. Oh, dear! Sorry that happened. I've burned things too by getting distracted with the internet, specifically blogging :)

  6. It happens to me always. Not only cooking, my hubby shirt also (while ironing).

  7. Thanks for your comments Abhi. New ones are on progress as far as my art is concerned. But then things are getting delayed due to lots of office work pending to be completed. So will try to balance and update things soon. :) And in cooking, I always love to present it well.. :) That really makes a very normal dish into a super special one :)


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