Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jabardast dinner with Baingan ki sabji and chapatti

I was feeling the eruption of volcano, high sea waves… mm.. In simple, I was feeling that I am sick. I went to a shop, purchased some dates and Badam with a hope that they would restore my health. I understand now, even fever does not fear a person with six-pack abs.

I decided to prepare something different from normal. A taste of the old “Baingan ka bhartha” by my mother, aroused the delicious taste buds to send messages to my brain and say, Abhi you must prepare something using baingan(Brinjal).

Baingan ki Sabji

I prepared 25 chapattis, and started eating. It tasted delicious as always….mm… ok, it tasted well. I started taking one after the other and was watching the movie fight club starring Brad Pitt (yes wohi… Anjelina jolie wala…). At last, I counted the remaining chapattis and found 5 were left. I kept them for the morning and came to write an article on the recipe.

So here it is, 5 ways to prepare and have baingan ki sabji.

Recipe for baingan ki sabji in 5 simple steps:

1. Cut some onions into small pieces, and some green chillies half from their head until toe.
2. Heat a pan with oil, put rai (kaduk in Malayalam and mustard seeds in English). Then fry the onions until they are brown. You can also add some salt so they are fried, fast.
3. Cut the brinjal(baingan) into 4 pieces. Apply a paste of salt, red chilly powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, pepper powder, and keep for 10 minutes.
4. After the onions are brown in colour add the brinjals and water and keep to cook. Also, add salt as needed.
5. Close with a lid for 20 minutes. Take the lid after the time says over and heat till water evaporates leaving perfect baingan ki sabji.

baingan recipe

5 ways to have baingan ki sabji.

These are very important steps so read carefully.

1. Switch on a TV or your laptop and get ready to watch a movie.
2. Jump two times on the floor, laugh loudly, and do a jogging for 5 minutes. You may think why this. These steps are to make your body understand that you are tired and need good food to eat.
3. Take a plate. Do not forget to wash it and take 5 chapattis and sufficient baingan ki sabji. Girls who want to maintain good figure for boys can take 3 chappattis.
4. Watch the movie…mm.. Now what take a piece of chapatti and mix with baingan ki sabji.
5. Next is the most important step. Eat it…

: ) Happy blogging


  1. This is awesome.. Nice pic and nice method of doing it and eating.

    But did you remember saying this

    22. V – Vegetable you don't like? Brinjal :)

    anyways even I cook brinjal which I really dont like. :)

    And buddy you had 20 chapathis and you expect us to eat just 3 and maintain figure ah.. ha ha ha.. how unfair a dietitian are you :)

  2. Mmmm thats delicious sir, easy 5 steps..looks so Tempting. This is my one of the fav side dish. Chapathi looks soft too..Nice lovely background song fav one

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. That sure looks yummy. I love to eat Baigan sabji with chapathi. Nice click :)And oh my ! You ate 20 chapathis?

  5. One of my favorite! a truly satisfying meal :)

  6. Hey that was a nice recipe Abhi, looks colourful and good. Next time take a closer click of the recipe so i can enjoy more by seeing it closer. U are a bluffer yaar... no one can eat 20 chapati's at a time. I think secret of your six-pack abs is 20 chapatis;)

    And about that question, i dont know about other girls, i always dream about food and shopping...

    Nice BG song keep changing it frequently, i am enjoying.

  7. re: nithya

    Nithya I am sorry I meant bitter guard and wrote brinjal in the tags... I corrected it... :)

  8. re: mythreyi

    thanks. If you like songs in the background i will keep on shuffling songs...

  9. re: faiza ali and Mythreyi

    If the chappattis and the sabji are really good then you can eat more than that... :)

  10. Yeah I don't like bitter guard too.. but eat it when forced. :)sometimes when it is cooked in an intelligent way the bitter leaves the guard alone and spares me to eat it. :)

  11. Hey yeah heard the song.. I just like it loads.. :) Hey if you like tamil songs try Aadhavan - forth coming film of Surya. Few songs are really good in it.

  12. Yum baingan Sabji ! Delicious recipe.
    First time here, Enjoyed reading your post :D.

  13. I can hear the music now in my PC itself... too good... nice melodious song.. and loved to read your 5 step to have the sabji and the way you ate those 20 chapathis :)

  14. Baingan ki sabji looks perfect Abhi,looks rich and creamy...

  15. looks yumm!!Delsh combo of roti and baingan bharta!!

  16. Koooooooi..... what ever n when ever you cook anything... It looks and taste only like the taste of TOMATO fry with some sore and bitter taste.... Enjoooooooy with your experiments

  17. You made all this????? hummm please teach something to my brother as well...a perfect meal..

  18. re: Bigfun aka Biga

    I think most of my users know about you. Biga's akkidikal and Biga are a common topic...

    There is no point at teasing me... and when did I served you any dish and that too tomato fry...

    ha ha...

    Thanks for the comments dear...

    Taste can be judged by the image ... good cooks can understand it... " Rumours chilavakilla..."

  19. Re: A 2 Z Vegetarian Cuisine

    Thank you for the comments.

    Please tell your brother to watch your mother to become a perfect cook.

    Why to go for a lay man like me when master is in your house. I hope mothers are the master of recipes...

    Also as plato says... necessity is mother of invention... so when your brother feels it is necessary for him to cook he will learn it...

  20. This sound delicious! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

  21. simple n easy recipe! danks danks :)

  22. so u know to cook also...thats very a regular vistor to our food blogs to become an expert...will help u a lot in

  23. LOL, this post was cute. I hope that you feel better soon. But after eating 20 chappatis, you must be feeling somewhat better!

  24. Glad to meeta new foodie..:)..that was an interesting post..saw that u r from kochi,which happens to be my birth place..:)

  25. Yummy post! I am sure the curry tasted gr8. Hope you are feeling better now. :-) Takecare!

  26. will be making this today.. thanks for the recipe


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