Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ICICI to introduce kumbhakaran’s, the top hardworking people

I wonder why ICICI has a good will and name in the market, could anyone suggest a proper answer?

If you don’t know then I would like to clear your doubts. Every human should have sufficient sleep and food to work properly, provided sufficient is the word that is stressed the most. Sleeping beauties cannot create India neither discover America, they can only dream about them.

I was traveling by bike crossing each dragon motor vehicle in the traditional tom cruise way with an aim to reach my destination, the ICICI bank ATM to collect the cash. I parked my vehicle at a roadside and approached the ATM counter. While I was entering the ATM my eager eyes went to the close at hand security guard who was busy doing a difficult exercise, sleeping.

He had a determination in his closed eyes that were reflecting on the pedestrians and the ATM users. He was so busy in his work that he could not make out any noise or people chatting around. I hope ICICI sees everything when they say, they see twice in their name.

ha ha…A good amazement for the afternoon walkers and children who could see the kumbhakaran LIVE that was a miracle for them restricted to their Ramayana serials.
I will label this dedicated man as ICICI’s kumbhakaran.

The day is not far when ICICI employees will have to sit in their home doing “kumbhakaran seva”. This is due to lack of monitoring and allocation of staffs for different shifts continuously.

First impression is the final impression and final impression is the final conversion. So take care you never become kumbhakarans and spoil your future, work, and life.


  1. hope he doesn't come after you, for losing his job :D

  2. Ha.ha,nammude naade nannavillaaaaa...Ayalude pani therippicho? Regarding my cake,that cake is prepared in a special pan called bundt pan,thats y the name...

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  4. Hate people who are not sincere in their work. In that case, I will have to hate most employees in India.
    "This is due to lack of monitoring and allocation of staffs for different shifts continuously"
    Well said.

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