Friday, August 21, 2009

Hurray! Tripunithura Athachamayam 2009 on August 23

I was planning to visit my grandparents and changed my mind after Biga said, coming Sunday marks the beginning for the most awaited athachamayam. I decided to stay and watch it. Athachamayam is on 23 August 2009 in Tripunithura, marks the start for the 10 day Onam celebration.


Tripunithura was the capital city of old Cochin and a residence for Royal families. The king used to travel with his followers from Tripunithura until Trikkakara temple this day to participate in the Onam celebration. Tripunithura is reachable through Train, Bus, Car, and even my bike (so all modes of affordable transport facilities are supported).

I was a lucky person to witness the Attachamayam 2008 and now the luck comes again with an upgraded version of athachamayam 2009. If you are fed-up of the tableau you see during Independence Day, then you should try attachamayam.

Athachamayam has elephants, dance forms, drumbeats and the most important the never seen before, “Tripunithura girls”. :D

You can see many dance forms on this day. A few of them are listed below:

1. Theyyam
2. Pulikali
3. Pullaru kali (children dressed for fashion show)
4. Kummatikali
5. Thiruvathirakali (girls clapping hands and dancing like.. mm.. girls)
6. Kathakali
7. Karakattam
8. kavadi( the one shown in “velmuruka haro hara” song),
9. Mayilattom(people wearing dress like peacock and dancing)
10. Ammankudam(girls and boys holding pots one above the other) which will be a change to the normal schedule.

I remember it has been long since I visited Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple. I hope I will wake early on Sunday and go to the temple. I remember god came in my dream and said he will be interested to meet me. I think he has something special to offer me.

During previous Athachamayam celebrations, I saw film star Jayasurya who was sitting inside the temple chatting with boys. We took video together that was lost during my previous system format.

After the start of athachamayam there will be the never ending 10 day celebrations with Panchavadyam, kathakali programmes, my favourite karnatic music and kacheris, Chambakara boat race among some.
This weekend, I am gona rock!


  1. yep,onam is here,heard a lot abt Tripunithura athachamayam,Enjoy maadi....

  2. wow this looks like so much fun I love festivals

  3. Interesting post Abhi got nice space here...thanks for visiting my blog keep in touch..hav a gud week end (inbtw am saggi too ;))

  4. Hi Abhi Thank you so much for dropping in to my have a nice place enjoy the festival season......

  5. I have nominated you for an award and a tag. Do take it from my food blog :)

  6. I hope the stuff on the head is not heavy for them...amazing they can walk and dance freely.

    Angie's Recipes

  7. Interesting photos and details, abhi! Does the procession also goes all the way from Thrippunithara to Thrikkakara..?!


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