Sunday, August 2, 2009

Friendship day, now restricted to mobile phones

This place has limited network range for mobile phones, hmm… which place? I am at my mother’s house, the house where she was born and spent her life until she was been married by my father and taken to Nagpur. I am relieved from the rings my mobile phone uses to give me after each 15minutes. I could experience mild air touching my skin and the same is the experience my mobile phone has; the only difference being network and wind.

Airtel has network with a single stick seen on the screen when I am with it in the right corner of the inner room. N70, my mobile was in search of the network and after it could find one it jumped to catch it and gave me a SMS tone, twetwe… twetwe…

I checked it and discovered two messages from Akky and Sajith. Both were on friendship wishing friendship day. I was then able to make that today is a friendship day. I “googled” to find whether the message has some reality. Now friendship day is restricted to mobile phones.

I could remember the previous message by one of my friends that had contents describing a bomb blast in Cochin. I was furious to know about it, called many people, and understand later it was a fake one to arouse anxiety. Google return the message explaining the details of the day called friendship day.

Google say, “Friendship day is celebrated every year, on the first Sunday of August. “. Today being the first Sunday is thus the friendship day. I passed on thank giving notes for the messages and passed over friendship day messages to others.
Oh! Here comes Jk’s message on friendship day. “Thanks Jk”.

I could remember again, hey! What is wrong in remembering the things… so do not say I remember too much. :D
Ok so I could remember again the friendship day we used to have during our college days. There was a band we used to tie on the hands of our friends; the so-called friendship band. All used to purchase these bands and it was a hand full of these on friendship day. In addition, it was not possible to take them out even if it looks awkward, as the friend whose band you would remove will think he is inferior to the others or you do not give importance to your friends.

It is nice to have those memories back again.


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