Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ernakulam, Kerala is in storm through a rocky rock band

You might have seen many jazz, pops, and raps in your life but I am sure you would not have witnessed this rocky rock band. People in Ernakulam city and Cochin have gained their spirits and energy back after they watched this video.

You might be wondering which the video is and why people are interested in watching it.
Do not panic! I came home and was surfing the internet with my new broadband-unlimited plan. I was wondering what my download and upload speed are? I thought to check it, but how?

I decided, let me download something and try to upload anything. I was searching for the videos I could upload and to my great astonishment (mm... I know that no one will use this word “great astonishment”, you can add it as the word discovered by me) I found the old song sung by Bishar, Don, Jinu and Ashiq. Hey, do not forget me… I am capturing the video and singing in the background in a “dabba” voice.

This video is a scene from the rehearsal of our first Auditions at Ernakulam city. We were planning to have a song sung by our group for a celebration in our office, one and half year ago. We made great practices and preparation; printed lyrics arranged guitar and musical instruments.

Don is seen on the left, next Bishar, Jinu and Ashiq at the right side. We were ready to rock and shock the Cochin city with our vocal cords that were fitted with rapid mega boosters.

Hmm… but the lady luck was not with us, she was with Shahid kappor who promised to take her for a date. So all of us lost our confidence and when it was our chance I turned back to see my partners and Appa!; all were gone. I understood it was not time to think. It was time to decide and prove what I was. I made a commitment with myself; yes, I should do this at any cost.

Then I thought nothing and … and just started running as fast as I could from the hall till I could find my partners who were standing outside, drinking water ( a cold drink).

That was how the storm became silent.


  1. Hopeless :)
    U guys better stick to ur current jobs, as this alternative is truly not your cup of tea :)
    U could sing this if u want to demolish ur office building when reconstruction is going on.
    Ha ha ha

  2. re: Smitha

    Smitha.. people do not recognize creative singers at start. Haaa.... One day will come when everyone will be around us for autographs...

  3. Ithilum better "Yodha" yile song select cheyyunnathayirunnallo...Anyway great effort,so really enjoying the new broadband,ha..Abt my pickle,athinte taste arinjal pinne aarum adikkan varilla ,that is also from malabar,great with malabar biryani,its sweet and tangy ,the addition of dates makes it unique and super tasty..

  4. Ernakulum - my dad's hometown (Koothattkulum)..great place :D


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