Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cat's bathing desire ends in Ernakulam well cleaning yatnam

I am remembering the old funny events.

Do cats bath in swimming pools? I do not know about swimming pools but they do like to swim in wells. We had to conduct a well cleaning yatnam(pooja or effort) at Ernakulam after one cat feel in our well and died.

People in north India believe they should donate a cat made of gold to the temple if they accidentally kill it since they consider cat as brahma raksas. We were not in north so had no plans to invest making a cat of gold. It died by its own, but the water needs to be cleaned for further usage.

We decided to have the yatnam completed, but someone needs to take the initiative to clean the well. The well was deep and full with water. We managed somehow to get the cat out with the help of Chinnu and Chandu, the children of our neighbors. However, there remains the question, how to clean the well for further usage?

Using our creative minds and magical powers, we joined our rings and there comes the captain planet; :) possible only in cartoons.

Finally, we decided to do by ourselves. We pulled maximum water out through the buckets that was in the reach of our hands. Then Jinu got inside the well and passed the bucket. When he was, one-step inside I went into the well. The chain continued with Jinu at the bottom, followed by me, Bishar, and Jk. Biga stood at the top receiving the buckets and throwing the water outside.

We passed buckets to the other person one-step above us and this continued until we had the well empty. Finally, I used some bleaching powder and chemicals to clean the layer at the bottom of the well.

All the neighbors were astonished to see the team effort. We realize the importance of cats from the day and never entertain them to enter the campus.

However, I think I could have avoided gym if a cat planned to bath in our well every week. Kidding :D


  1. great efforts and team work! but be careful with deep wells - they can be dangerous as a person can get suffocated due to lack of oxygen and possibility of other gases.

    i guess you didnt get the obscured message in the seahorse post ;)

  2. Great team work,but paavam poocha...Thats indeed deeep and very narrow well...Thanx for ur comments on my new cake,that was made for my friend's son on his 1'st b'day..Cake making and decorating is such a great fun and great timepass...

  3. Wow you people had put a great effort! but sorry for the cat which had commited suicide and what did u do with that cat?

  4. Re: mythreyi

    The two children chinnu and chandu threw it far from the house.

  5. Poor cat......really, why TH did she go to that well?
    I don't think she wanted to swim..very likely she was just thirsty and looked for some water...:-(((

    Angie's Recipes

  6. Re: Angie's Recipes:

    Thank you for the comments.
    The cats reason for approaching the well is unknown, We can think she planned to commit a suicide :D

  7. ww u guys have put great effort.. poor cat Abhilash what did u do with the cat Abhilash.

  8. re: prasukitchen

    The cat was given final cremation at 6PM where all the children gathered and prayed for the cat.

    Even the chinnu mouse was present who was sad and added everyone is welcome to join them in giving thanks in a new gratitude circle.

  9. you write interesting things Abhi.....first time here n enjoyed reading.


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