Thursday, August 27, 2009

Caller tunes kum background music for your blogs

I have seen websites where music or an Audio could be heard in the background when the page is loaded. I thought why not to have it for a blog if it is possible.

I did a lot of research and finally embedded an audio that can be heard in the background when you load my blog in your web browser.

If you have a JRE(Java Runtime Environment) and a QuickTime or subsequent media player that supports online streaming or is set as your default player then you can hear music in the background of your blog.

I will like you to open my blog and see whether you could hear a sound in the background. I have placed a song from the movie Varranam Aayiram named “nenjukul peididhum”. It is one of my favorite songs.

If you do not have the sufficient plugins that enable online audio streaming then your web browser will prompt you to download one. If you are able to hear the voice from my blog and are interested to have one, please let me know so that I would post an article about making it possible for yours.

I do not know whether you people are aware about it. I though it would have no meaning writing about it if all know how to do it. It took me an hour to figure how to do it. However, the steps are quiet simple.

You will be able to let your visitors hear your favorite music as you do in your mobiles enabling a caller tune. You can call it a caller… sorry viewer tune for your blog.


  1. I could not hear any music from my PC... next time will open my laptop - and will let you know

  2. I can't hear as I have missing plugins! This is gud info Abhi but personally I don't like the blog/sites with music..

  3. I didn't hear the music as well.....

  4. you guys need to install 2 things to listen to any web page that has an embedded music

    A firefox version is also available

    A quicktime plugin that is possible one you download quicktime player from this link

    Once you have these two things installed... You will be able to hear embedded music in any webpage...

  5. i was about post a comment by complaining i cant here any music..den i could c the previous comment and now its working... :)nice blog...r u frm cochin???im frm thrisssur.. :)

  6. Guys can you try now...?

    I have added a flash plugin to the page and integrated a swf player and a javascript file to support it.

    I think it will now work on every system and each browser...

    Please let me know your comments....

  7. abhi, i was able to hear without any probs. cheers,,

  8. i could hear the song....thanks for the information abhilash...nice music....

  9. oh shathi oh shanthi I heard it :) Nice song. I just love it.

    I am happy with sites that play my favorite song :)

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