Saturday, August 1, 2009

Abhi Bhai – The racer is back on the roads

I was working in the office when my uncle called and asked whether I was going to meet my grandparents. I had planned to go there and meet them but when I thought about the train, distance, and rush, I decided not to go. I used to go earlier by bike but my doctor instructed me not to ride bike on highways and stop it for 2-3 months due to the tendency of repeated infection in my lungs. I used to ride too fast like a racer and the air circulation, dust, and pressure caused severe problems affecting my health.

(My bike)

After a couple of probability studies, I decided to go by bike. Yes, the racer is back on the roads. I called my manager and asked for permission to leave early, started my byke, and flew to meet Grandparents. They live in Kayankulam, 140 Km far from Ernakulam.

After I crossed the toll in Cochin, it stated raining and I had to take shelter below the roof of a shop. Soon it stopped and I continued traveling.

(Beneath a roof watching rain to stop)

While I was crossing Chertala( the location after Ernakulam) I saw a group of children in a auto rickshaw . They were sitting at the back of the rickshaw singing songs and enjoying the travel. I took the mobile from my left pocket and too a photograph of there happy moments. I could remember my school days when I used to travel in a similar manner enjoying the gang.

(Children enjoying rickshaw ride)

When I reached Alleppy I saw a group of people promoting KSFE on bikes. KSFE is a chit fund that provides money to its customers on a lucky draw basis. I waited for a moment on Alleppy Bridge to take rest and have a look at the scenery. After waiting there for 5 minutes, I continued to ride until I reach home.

(KSFE staff for promotions)

I reached the place where my grandparents stay and could see my grandfather there. He informed that grandmother went to the temple. I was hungry and was happy to discover the Fish curry and peas thoran that she had prepared.

Then what? I ate it and now blogging…


  1. Uh..i miss our Hero honda and grandma's food...Enjoy the Meen curry...Pes thoran kayamkulam special aano?

  2. OOps i missed "a" in peas.pes thoran illennu enikkariyam,he he....


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