Saturday, July 11, 2009

Who will cut my hairs ? Aamir khan

I assume my hairs long enough to be cut. I have craze about some unique entities which change with my growing age. In some verge of my growth graph I had craze for Games, later studies then bykes, drawing, gadgets and so on. It happens with each and eveyone of you. Craze is something you possess within yourself. Not too philosophical neither too intelligent Am I, to give you detailed class on this topic. I was speaking about my recent craze to grow hairs.

Aamir khan cutting hairs

Why am I growing hairs?
I thought, let me have some research on the tension girls take to grow hairs. Did I thought about that? Or because I do not have money to cut my hairs Or I am afraid of barbers and sissors? None of them is right in my perspective. I grew my hair because it appears to me as something different I never had before or this is the right time I would be able to do something I plan to do.

The next question then would be, who will cut my hairs?
I will need a professional person to cut them because it took me pains to grow them, buy costly hair oils, buy a pouch of shampoo extra than I normally did. So I would like someone great to do this work with atmost professionalism.
Will Aamir Khan do it? haha... I read a news article published in MSN and saw a photo picturizing Aamir cutting hairs for his new movie gajini. I hope I should call him to get the things done a better way.

When I was with my parents I never had done anything similar to this nor would do anything when back. I hope this is the time I would be able to satisfy my craze.So I hope to get the hairs cut by Monday, not yet decided though. I would have to do a probability study that most lovers do using a flower. They pluck each petal one after the other saying " she loves me", " she loves me not" and the last petal being spelt is what they make a decision at or I would use the technique used by cricketers or children, using a coin tossed to decide the fate.

It is saturday and I am in front of my computer. On saturdays I do not have a busy schedule nor a tight work so I spent most of my time researching or writing. Internet is a wizard or can be compared to an endless tresure for information exchange and knowledge.

I would be able to write articles on this blog only after I reach my room on working days. I plan to call Atul today (chidimaar), may be I will write about him in the next Article. He is one among my good friends.

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