Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Was rain god bathing for Sajiths engagement ?

It was Sajith's engagement on Sunday. I was planning to go and attend the same but was not able to attend as my grandfather was ill. Sajith is also going to marry. I think the next chance is for Biga. Biga is trying to extend his marrage giving several reasons to his parents.

Sajiths engagement

Avinah called me on saturday to know whether I was moving for Sajiths marriage and may be could take him along with me, as he did not know malayalam. Finally he decided to travel through train and to be arraiving at Sajiths house and attend the Engagement.

When we were at the station we purchased a tea and Param pori( a dish made by frying banana within besan, same as pakkoda). After having it I crossed the crossing to reach platform 2. the time I reached there and rain started falling.

Avinash and rain god

It fell too badly. It appeared as if rain god was bathing for Sajiths marriage with shower turned to high speed. It went fast and slow several times and continued for 5-10 minutes. We later got into the train which came at the platform.

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