Friday, July 3, 2009

Vada paav at Tripunithura - The royal style to maturity

Today was a fine day for me, I was feeling better from the cold and fever. The only thing that was eating my brains was, I had to get my xray and blood test done as instructd by the physician at Medical trust Ernakulam.

Royal style of eating panipuri

Still I have to have the tierdness gone and get active again. I am now with the hairs and the beard grown. To a spectator who looks at me seems a IT guy with Shirts inserted into the pants and belt buckled to the waist; appearance from legs till neck appears to be a professional, it matters and they will change their opinion once they look at my face.

I met Dileep in the afternoon and he said to have a vada paav from tripunithura. Jk was with me and we went to a nearby Bhel puri center called " yadav pani puri". This guy sells dabeli, vada paav, kachori, samosa and namkeen stuffs across various parts of Ernakulam. He has a good rate for these items as compared to the one we get in Mumbai. We ordered vada pav.

There was a group of girls and boys at the yadav dukaan who came to eat bhel puri cum "fun talks". These are the groups that form around these small stores while colleges are left, It appeared as this was a royal style to maturity. I remember my old days when I was at College but Ernakulam is never similar to Maharashtra.

The only thing I like here is the greenary and the people.

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