Thursday, July 30, 2009

Umbrella wallet and comment that activated my creative mind

This post is after receiving acknowledgement by Nits Arts and Crafts to my idea of upgrading their paper wallet using an umbrella and overcome the disadvantage of being wet in the rains. Using the creative capacity, hidden deep inside me… I was able to make this cost effective and valuable wallet.

Nits gave a comment on my post “Ernakulam police searching for harry potter” to have a wallet prepared using umbrella; that was a result of sanctioning my suggestion to have her invention “upgraded”.

I have a habit to work on something creative like this and to have everything real, that I plan. Once planned I have it done. It was a very difficult process to have the same done.

Like my normal blog posts, five steps to prepare an umbrella wallet:

Things you will need:

1. Your friend’s umbrella (Note: You should make sure you use it for such an experiment while he is out of town).
2. One piece of white paper (I prefer A4 size white paper).
3. Fevicol or gum.
4. Sissors and scale.

Steps to prepare:

1. Cut the paper in such a scientific way that you can accommodate your ATM cards and visiting cards.
2. Cut the inner portion and have the paper bend in a way shown in the image.
3. Paste the outer open edges. Then cut the umbrella (You can use fresh popy umbrellas for better performance) to cover the outer portion of the wallet and the inner strips that appear in the image.
4. Paste the umbrella strips to your wallets inner portion, and outer areas using the fevicol or gum( Fevicol is what I prefer, because “ Fevicol ka mazboot jod hain tootenga nahi) Have a gap between the umbrella strip at the outside and the inner paper so that you can place your 100 and 500 rupees note.
5. Place your visiting cards and money and try it.

I hope this would sell better in the market, and you could create around 20-35 wallets using an umbrella.

Super idea, until my friend is back to town after his meeting.

It is time for dinner, and there is movie tirupathy on channel one.
Will be back with next post.

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  1. Hey this is really amazing...I am awestruck.. Lovely wallet. I should really appreciate you for your immediate action to make your idea come true. Simply superb. Its absolutely neat. You have made the wallet in a simpler way too. great job and thanks for the credits about my blog in your post. :)

    And poor friend of yours is gonna carry an umbrella with rectangle windows in it. :)

    Keep it going. will post more of such stuff for you to tickle your creative sense. :)


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