Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tripunithura the land of beautiful girls.. who said it ?

I heard someone saying that tripunithura is the land of beautiful girls. Who spread that wrong rumour? Are there girls?, is the first question. I have never seen any girls in tripunithura, cochin 682301 since years. All you can see are old ladies, married Aunts; I hope the rumour was to spread that tripunithura is the land of beautiful old ladies.

beautiful girls in tripunithura

It would go this way.. a land with a lot of temples and good pople, thats Tripunithura. The later being a wrong rumour, unless I discover oh.. I was wrong. It could also be the case that I go to office at 8.30 Am and return by 6:30 or 9 Pm so could not see any of them. But again a question araises... Where do they go on Sundays?

Though it may appear a bit kidding and Girl fantasy; this is not the case. The purpose of this post is to say that, people here in Tripunithura are restricted to their families. They do not have much to think beyond the boundaries of it.

You could notice that things have not changed from past. I went through an article written by Iswary tamburan about her life here. She says " The Athachamayam was supposed to be a glorious event. But I never got to see it. Those days, the female members of the family were allowed to go to the Hill Palace to see the royal procession only if the Maharajah was from their branch of the family. The male members had no such restriction. " It is the fact that is still prevailing among many houses here not with the attachamayam or other ulsavams but still with the discrimination amoung genders or restrictions.

You could see most of the people here as tamil brahmins or the royal families who settled from Trissur or other parts of Kerala including from Alapuzha.

The people of Cochin are not so energetic and tripunithura being the calm and inactive place except the ones you could notice on the ulsavam days. When you compare Mumbai or other cities you may find no energy in cochin and tripunithura being the most silent amoung all.

I hope it get some energy when I laugh though has stopped after me suffering from fever. So lets wait for the active guy to be back.Anyway if you feel I am wrong you could register your thoughts through this post.


  1. No, Tripunithura is the land of Beautiful Girls!!

    Do u want examples ? ?

    1. Nisha
    2. Remya
    3. Kavitha

  2. I would agree with nisha, ramya, and kavitha for sure. But i never saw them so i dont know if they are saying a lie or they are too over confident... sorry girls... may be you are too good looking, but i wont accept things which i never saw. LOL.

  3. Thank god that Trippunithura is still a town with the same culture and deep rooted heritage still alive in hearts. Who wants to have a family life where you are married to someone brought up in an extreme modern culture, and you marry for 6 months relation, then you marry again for another one year and if there are kids they long to be with their parents for atleast once in whole life. Relations are strong and safe with our old traditions and culture.
    To be modern is good, but becoming too modern will lead us to a no meaning life. Let the beauties stay at home and come often like vishu and onam for our eyes. We can get married to them with a peace of mind that they are brought up in a good culture and will make a life. he heee lol.

  4. Chullan kuttan said it right, atleast there should be one spot in the whole world to say that we still live the life of human beings and not that of wild. Meeting and mating once or twice in a year resulting in few offsprings and then they dont know each other, and even the new borns are orphaned. Our culture is too good but the only issue is that we never developed a heart to retain it and never learned to respect it. Let the girls stay as they are in tripunithura so that atleast we have a place in the whole world to pin point saying, here we make a difference in human culture from that of animals and wild beings. Clubil pokunna kochammamarum, puthiya puthiya bandangal thedi pokunna kuberanaya pitavum vazhithetti aarum illathe alayunna paavam kuttikalum illatha oru naadu namukku sangalpikkaam. Will be very difficult to digest for those who wear a mask of modernity and cheat their own souls to freek out. Forgive them.

  5. Haven't seen any girls in tpn.. surprising !!


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