Thursday, July 2, 2009

Trapped beneath the dumble dore- Ernakulam South bridge

Finally I decided to go to the railway station, wear the black jacket and started byke. I was riding at 60 KMPH, slashed and slided each and every vehicle in front. While I was in kadavanthura I realised that I was too fast and eager to reach there. I took out my mobile to see the time as I forgot to take the watch and understand it is only 9 AM and I have 3o minutes with me.
Manorama junction ernakulam

I dropped the speed and soon crossing the ernakulam bridge reached the railway station. I took my platform ticket from counter and met my uncle in the train which arraived at the correct time. I filled my bag, which I took to carry the sweets. It was a big travellers bag which was filled to top with the sweets. I managed to keep in on the byke at the front and started to aim the palace. While I reached the bridge I was blocked by the policeman who asked to choose another way as the traffic was heavy ahead.

I chose a different path and went straight searching for the next end. Soon I reached a railway cross, which was closed for a train to arraive. It took me another 30 minutes to cross it, as there were 3 trains in queue one fter another.
ernakulam souh railway crossing

I was wet with water, no not rain water, with the sweat that was accumulated due to the tight closing of the jacket.I was able to then find a new route that can take me directly to manorama junction ernakulam without going above through the bridge.

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