Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tour de france la manikandan- Childhood the most enjoyable time

Manikandan pour le Tour de France. He is the younger and the only son of my Aunt(my fathers sister). Not too talketive but a bit mischevious, not at all like Akshay. Whenever I visit home, he search my pockets and my bag for the apple ipod. He is intrested in music. If on byke he will never let me rest without him been taken for a ride.

tour de france- Manikandhan

This sunday I went there and his passion was to ride a bicycle. He was insisting me to teach him ride a bycycle and pretending as if he is going for a tour to france(le tour de france) and needs to learn bicycle before it.

I made him sit on the bicycle and move the padels holding hands over the rear end of the seat. He was enjoying the tour, and made me do the same for 2 hours. At last my Aunt brought some sweets to eat and I had rest.

It is this time in your life you could enjoy the maximum. Childhood never returns, and never time. I was watching him play and enjoy the ride.Dream! I could be back to my old days..

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