Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taste buds activated with Aaloo ka paratha at mammas

Avinash is a boy from North India who likes Kerala, people, food but still find it difficult to adjust. He says his taste buds almost upgraded to version 5.0, kerala recipes but would like to taste the old version of North India the "aloo ka paratha".He was unable to find any hotels in Ernakulam with the taste of North India.

Yesterday my gas cylinder decided to strike (gas khatam ho gaya), so I planned to eat outside. Like a flash of light Aloo ka paratha came in my mind and so did Avinash. I called him and asked him to be ready by 8 Pm. I picked him from his office by 8.30 Pm and we moved to Mammas restaurant Ernakulam.

I still remember when we made a mistake last time (me, jk, Biga and jinu) entering the bar besides mammas restaurant. The bar is also a part of Mammas and I can see a lot of professional and rich fishes (meen, one who is always in alcohol) and lotus (tamara, one who is always active but above water level) there. Jk said we could move to the AC cabin, as we are not planning to have any alcoholic drinks.

Once when jk and I visited the same place before, the waiter said us to be in AC and it will not be charged extra. Jk with the same things in mind insisted us to be in the AC and we were surprised to see the final bill charged for AC too.

We later discovered that mammas have a Restaurant in front of the BAR. This is the one having entrance and exit directly from the road.

Ok, so Avinash and I ordered Aaloo ka paratha and Paneer mutter masala. It was nice uninstalling the new version from kerala to test the old one. I also ate it after a long span of time. My mother cooks aaloo ka paratha, and that is the delicious I have ever had in my life. I prefer curd with aloo ka paratha. I think it is good combination.

Finally, I dropped Avinash and came to room... My internet explorer 8 was giving me problems on laptop. I uninstalled it and forget to see that some changes made my data card not being detected by my laptop. I could not browse the net the same day. I had it repaired this day after getting CD with drivers from Biga...

Oh! It is 1.30 PM now. I have to go and have my food from outside. Here in tripunithura the same kari dishes... no kuttan... I think I will have to continue this until I have my Gas stop the strike.


  1. Aloo ka paratha and curd......mmmmmmm that's a lovely combination!!! Whenever i don't feel like cooking, the 2 things that i prefer to eat r aloo paratha (store bought) and curd (home made)!

  2. I too like aloo paratha and curd. I make it sometimes, but will not turn up like a real Punajbi one. :-)

  3. Hi there. You left a comment on my blog post: Oreo Biscuits: A HomeMadeS and asked a question that I can't answer, for I don't live in Kerala, India. I reside in New Zealand, if you may have looked at my profile, you must know. Thanks anyway for dropping by my blog and leaves a track. Very much appreciated.


  4. re: Aruna

    My mother prepares aaloo ka paratha... and the curd we have made at our home..
    But her cooking is delicious...

  5. Re: Bindhu

    Thanks for the comments..

    if you need to make aaloo ka paratha like the punjabi one have the dough of chappatti made to a soft one... use limited water a stage enough to wet the powder and press the dough well to have the soft dough...

    Then place aaloo masala into the rolled chappatti and roll it again with a "belan" (wooden stick of a chappatti maker), Do it gently and have it prepared...

    I tried it several times and it comes superb...

    You could try at mother's tution classes... :D

  6. Arif sorry for the mistake but I think the purpose was to say it is really good to taste and I would like to have one...


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