Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Savitha trying to become daughter of her daughter

We are watching Savitha since 2-3 days. There has been a drastic change in her appearance. I do not think santoor is the victim. May be Savitha is trying to conceptualize herself within the frock of her daughter. Savitha is seen with never before eyeliners and jeans, I understand generation is moving fast forward but this is a immediate and flashing development.

Kavitha a innocent

Savitha is a character who is really active, a bullet train can be compared with her charater and behaviour. She completes all the works with top speed being 100% active and involved. On the other hand she is the person who tries to mingle into issues where she is never expected. She has been last noticed in the issue of robbery where a valuable item was lost from software premises. There are a lot of gossips coming out and around on savitha, but the secret is she is the source for them.

I do not think it would be nice to think for a day without Savitha involving into activities. As Mohanlal say in malayalam cinemas " ningal illathe enikyu enthu aaghosham"( I do not have any celebrations without you) savitha would have an opposite remark as " njan illathe ningalku enthu aaghosham" ( without me you can never have any celebrations).

We are waiting for the day when Savitha is back with frocks and a lolipop. lets wait for D day.

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