Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Revealing the rumours of karkidaka kanji - medicinal poridge

Munna and pappu finally prepared the karkidaka kanji today. It lead to revealing the rumours about its taste and the prepration. It was spread by different persons since years that karkidaka kanji is bitter to taste, it is too hard to prepare and requires a lot of patience.

karkiaka kanji kit

Dont let your ears listen to those rumours.
If you are not aware about the ingredients of karkidaka kanji you could refer the earlier article on "munna and pappu to prepare karkidaka kanji". Go through the manorama link within that page. If you are a new bee and feel it tedious to buy the ingredients and prepare it then buy a karkidaka kanji kit.

Karkidaka kanji kit will cost around 100 rupess and can be taken by a single person for 7 days.

Steps to prepare karkidaka kanji from kit.

1. Take navara kiri rice from the kit and boil in a vessel with 1 and 1/2 liters of water. You do not need this volume of water if you plan to cook in a cooker.
2. After the rice is half cooked put the aushadha podi into it and stir it well.
3. After it is cooked, serve in a plate and get ready to eat.

It was fine for me to taste, but if you feel the taste bitter you can use jaggery, coconut milk or onion pieces fried within ghee to be mixed in the karkidaka kanji.


  1. This is very interesting. Maybe I missed it, but what is the medicinal benefit of this? Is it to keep better health? I love kanji but can say I long to try this. If it is bitter, all the better!

  2. The month Karkidaka month is considerd as an important month in Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic medicines would have double strength in this month. So most of the people used to have Sugha Chikitsa on the month of Karkidaka.The Karkidakanji will remove the toxic contents in our human body and give much immunity to us....

  3. Thank you Jeniffer and Bigfun for the comments.

    Jeniffer, karkidaka kanji is said to be providing help for the stable function of body.

    As Bigfun mentioned it is said by Ayurvedic vaidyas and aacharyas that karkidaka kanji failitates remove all harmful germs and small diseases from the human body.

    If taken 7 days a week contiously, before having any food can lead to great miracles. This month is beleived to be inappropriate for intake of leafy vegetables. So people prefer to take caution and have some medicines, in which karkidaka kanji is one.


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