Friday, July 24, 2009

Reflecting ideas through kitchen and recipes

I am always there to test new recipes in my kitchen. I try doing things by own. Most of the recipes that I try or most I cook daily are not in the way others do. They taste better for me and hope for others, since they eat it without hesitation. I started this blog just to have something recorded about myself, but I could see a lot of talents blogging ideas through the World Wide Web. They are into cooking, photography and all the activities they do or skills they possess.

Blog Rias collection

I went across a blog a few days before while serching for some recipe. It is a blog called Ria's collection. I was reading a new recipe which she mentioned as kothu parota. I had something similar before so it was not the speciality that cought my attention.

kothu parota

I could see a lot of recipies by her with images that were really attractive. They are arranged with a different style, as if focussing the recipe from different angles for a viewer. I understand it is necessary for a reader searching for recipe to have the ingredients and methods detailed, but it also adds an extra asset to your recipe blog if you have something picturising its output.

I can see young talents around me, I feel how creative they are at approaching things. They have their own style of writing and even picturising. Blogging would go long if I see something around me like this.


  1. Thanks for sharing. This kothu paratha looks delectable!

  2. Hey Abhilash!Thanks for visiting my space and taking your time off to comment on my posts :) And I must say that I am so happy to see this post of yours... a suprise actually! :) Thanks again!!

  3. Blogging in India is gaining ground...& fast! I love how it's catching the foodie world in it's glory!

  4. Yes and there are good bloggers around us...

    I like Ria's blog as the pictures appear quiet different for me...

    Thank you Deeba, jeniffer for the comments...


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