Friday, July 31, 2009

Recipe for Valiyettan pazham pori - BLD Banana Roast

Ok as promised I went to Royal bakery and had a valiyettan param pori, the baap of param pori’s. I spoke to Gundu mani and had him dictate the recipe to prepare it. BLD stands for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

I am back home and I have Mtv “switched on” behind me that has the Scooty team diva been shown. I can see some girls in awkward attire trying to get into a tub with worms. They appear like the character played by Shabana Azmi in film “makadi”. Cooool, cool should be the place otherwise how can Mtv diva stand with such a styled hair, uwaaaak? I should appreciate them for the outstanding performance they show with wet eyes and instant dhamaka dialogues. How can people withstand these masala scoops?

valiyettan pazham pori

I prepared the dough for chapatti and kept it to be there for 15 minutes until I have this post on the blogger. If you keep the dough for 15 minutes and prepare the chapattis, you could notice the output being soft.

Recipe for Valiyettan pazham pori or BLD banana roast:

Dictated by: Gundu Mani


Banana 1( prefer big one if you plan for BLD)
Maida 1/2 cup
Rice powder 3 tsp
Sugar 1 tsp
Salt a pinch
Turmeric a pinch
Oil for frying
2 cups poha(beaten rice)

Coconut grinded( use a “chirava”(hand operated tool to extract coconut mesh). This could act as a good exercise to your fingers

banana roast


1. You need to make smooth batter with maida, rice powder, salt, sugar, turmeric and little water. The batter should not be more watery and avoid it will become Param aviyal.
2. Put the beaten rice in a bowl and boil pieces of jaggery in a vessel till they are quiet smooth and brownish in colour. When the jaggery is ready mix the beaten rice and have them served to separate plate.
3. Mix the babana into the batter until it is partially covered. Make sure you do not cut the banana into half. Keep it for 2 minutes to have batter stick the banana. Mix it with the served jaggery and beaten rice and have it again rolled in batter.
4. Heat oil in a pan and place batter filled banana on the pan and fry the batter-filled portion. Fry it until the stuff becomes yellow-brown.
5. What are you waiting for? Take it out and eat it.

That is the secret behind the valiyettan pazham pori, your ultimate solution to Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Oh! I have to go and prepare the chapattis. Oh! Again, since the Mtv diva is not still over. Guash, Ria is selected to be with tanya. Who are Tanya and Ria?
I think I should change to V channel.


  1. This sounds really interesting and nice. Have never tried dishes with banana.. let this be my first. :) will try it soon. And should say the pics are really nice this time and the idea of writing on the tissue is super cool :)

  2. Bling..... that was a photoshop written tissue.. anyways cool idea.:) And nice black background do. :)

  3. A big banana fry lover, I am. Thanks for providing the link on my blog. Will definitely try this at home.

  4. Yum - the banana dish sounds delicious!


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