Saturday, July 4, 2009

A rainy evening with knife and fork at pizza hut Ernakulam

Today I went to medical trust for some examinations and then booked my appointment with the Doctor on tuesday. i had to have some walking round the hospital and some serious chats with the beautiful nurses around to get them confirmed to Tuesday.

pizza hut ernakulam

Biga accompnied me home, while on the way we decided to have a pizza. We went to the nearby pizza hut at ernakulam south and had a pepperoni pizza. We shot some pictures there while the pizza was on its way to my table. It is pleasant and seems good when you say in ernakulam you had pizza from pizza hut but the pepperoni pizza, Man! I can get you the same taste with a bubble gum stuffed into a pav.

I saw a group of modern girls entering the pizza hut premises while we were seated. they had long heels, short shirts, tight pants cut to short and Glossy lips with flying fairy hairs. To a normal boy it appeared as if it was worth spending 350 rupees for the pizza and having a glance at gods creation. But as it says it is not worth to have a look over to any item that dimnishes from your sight 1/16 of a second.

Biga was busy tearing his pizza with a knife and eating it with the fork. I used my old habit and teared the piece into two using the knife and then took it from hands and started eating. I beleive that you should have your food in a comfortable state that makes you feel your food tasty. I dont beleive in following the western culture, it is worth to have where necessary but you should not always try to be the American imitator.

Soon we left the pizza hut after finishing our pizza. We got our bus at 6 PM and it took us 1 hour to reach home due to the traffic jam which is obvious on the ernakulam roads.

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