Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Akkidikal in the kitchen- From aviyal to payasam

I started a community in orkut named Nmmude akkidikal 98.5 to share all the chammal and akkiddi's(mistakes and foolishness) people do or is done unknowingly. All have some or the other mistakes that they make in life unknowingly and later laugh dreaming about it. I would like to highlight some of our akkidis while at the kitchen.

Akkidikal at kitchen

We were 6 people at our room and planned to prepare food in our own kitchen. We arranged all utencils and gas. Biga was the only experienced cook other than me and jinu. Here are some of the akkidis made by each.

Biga's Kappa vevichathu Alias kappa kanji:

Biga decided one fine day, I think that was a suday to prepare kappa and kadala for morning breakfast. He never entertains any member in the room while he is cooking. He started cooking the kappa after cutting and washing in a coocker and prepared kadala(chana). We tasted kadala and it was delicious.
Kappa was kept for 6 whistles, taken out and mixed with turmeric. He took a big spoon and started crushing it. All were amazed and laughing to see the kappa changing into kanji. It was full watery like a khichdi.
Biga says" This is it. I understood now that the cooker needs three whistles instead of 6."

Ada pradhaman changing to sweet milk

It was Biga's birthday and he decided to prepare ada pradhaman. We baught a instant ada maker. It was written to cook in 1 liter of milk. I said biga we need only half litre of milk, he insisted no 1 liter is mentined in the pack and we need to use it. At last when the payasam was served, all that I could discover was Milk and only milk, all ada was dissolved in the milk.

Theeyal become ulli kari

I learnt the stuffs needed to prepare theeyal and started to prepare the same. The last output had a lot of onion and it become a ulli kari.

These are some amoung the akkidis that we met with during our training at the kitchens. Now we are the best cooks cochin could ever discover. We know everything to cook from Aviyal to moorkari, chicken fry to gobi manchurian.

Did you experience anything like this?


  1. Thats cool,that should be called kappa curry..So did u mix kadala with kappa or just kappa only?Akkidikalil ninne padikkan pattuuu,ippo manasilayille kappakku etra whisle venamennu..The kappa v get here requires only 1 whistle...

  2. ha ha ha ha haha... This is really funny :) nice to read your experiences. I have done such silly things many times too. :)


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