Thursday, July 2, 2009

The OTB looks - Long hairs, buggy business

Each human being has to be mad, may be today or tomorrow.
Till teenage you should live the way your parents want you to; after you grow you gotta job, you live the way you want; then you marry and you live the way your wife wants; and finally you have children, they are grown, have social status, you live the way they want. THATS THE DAMN LIFE.

Rock in the OTB looks

Now I live the way I want with a new roller coaster OTB looks. I gotta call this by thee name because "I like it". I have grown my hairs long, they curl as they grow.
MY friends ask me when you are gonna cut them, mm.. when my heart says; thats the answer. I hope I will get them cut, NO! proper useage is I have to get them cut when my mother sees a long pony tied with a rubberband. She is the one who recognises my bad habits, mm... habits and get them corrected, sorry corrects them..

The OTB looks

But till that day I am gona rock.. YO!

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