Friday, July 10, 2009

Friendship calling me again - A nostalgic elasticity between Hyderabad and Cochin

After a long time he called me, Mayank. It has been 2 months since we spoke last.

He is one of my good friends who has helped me during my bad times. He is one amoung the persons who has a helping mentality and good humour sense. He was one of the toppers during engineering and a mischevious studious guy.

call from mayank

I had two friends Mayank prakash patel and Hanish prakash patel. Teachers were always confused and thought they were brothers. Hanish is now in los angeles,USA, enjoying life.

I still remember the incident when we were at school in Nagpur. Teacher made a guy sitting in front bench of Mayank to stand and answer a question, after the guy answered the question and was planning to sit, Mayank placed a pencil below his buttox. It got pierced into his :) and he was taken to the hospital. Mayank was told to call his parents the other day.

He reminds me about the energy and the activism a boy should possess..It was a positive energy that used to split from his words and his behaviour when he did any task. He was with me since fifth standard and we were in contact till engineering and even today. He got his job at Foresoft software Pune and now is working at their Hyderabad division.

I went to hyderabad for a conference 4 months before and we met there. He was a bit tensed with his life as a tech savvy person but still had the old friendliness and rich behaviour alive.I think this happens with every ITian when he works continously overutilised, it is really frustrating and making yourself to smell others shoe.

I think he planned to adjust with life and was feeling better today. I hope we still were in our college or school days not to worry much about the world.

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